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Toledo City Council Meeting - May 14, 2013

Notes from Sherry:

Toledo City Council Meeting
May 14, 2013

In attendance: Councilwomen Webb, Hicks-Hudson, Councilmen Collins, Enright, Steel, Riley, Sarantou, Ludeman, Craig, Martinez, Waniewski, McNamara, Deputy Mayor Herwat, Mayor Bell.

Item 230 – Appointment – Board of Building Appeals – confirmed – all voting yes.

Item 231 – Appointments – DPU Performance Audit Advisory Committee – confirmed – all voting yes. Webb – they all met today – went good.

Item 232 – Appointments – Police Civilian Review Board – Held for 2 weeks.

* Webb – Busy with Mother's Day – didn't review the packet.
* Hicks-Hudson – hold till later meeting.
* Herwat – I'm not in a position to answer at this time.
* Riley – will have information on this by Thursday. Webb – Meetings were canceled, need proper notice.
* Webb – hold for 2 weeks.
* Collins – What is the role of the board?

Item 199 – Accept 39th Year CDBG Funds from HUD, $6,839,464

(There was an extended discussion/argument because the deadline for submitting the CDBG plan to the feds is Friday; council wanted to remove several portions of the plan from the document but were told the plan had to be submitted in its entirety. Several council members took exception to the process, complaining that they weren't involved, but Mayor Bell noted that all council members were given a memo detailing the dates and times of the meetings to discuss the plan. One council member noted that a 'memo' isn't an 'invitation' while others didn't like that the Administration had determined the plan and they were just being asked to approve it, rather than make changes/modifications to the recommendations. They complained that they needed more time to basically duplicate the process the administration went through and were angry they couldn't have that time due to the Friday deadline)

* Martinez – Every year, more need than funds – accept one year action plan – accept funds, don't give dollars to 3rd party partners – put in right bank account I spoke with Columbus CDBG – acceptance of home dollars, don't advance Item 201 – meeting Thursday on this, better defined – next meeting more clear on this amendment.
* Herwat – we do not submit our plans – it will be now.
* Collins – HUD says we will lose.
* Santiago – Hold authorization -not to accept this would jeopardize the funds.
* Collins – no funds?
* Santiago - submit plan in entirety.
* Collins – revisit 2012 funding – the entity that received the most money, doesn't need it. Less transportation than last time – I requested a record - the report was sent to the Director and I received a draft (verbal fight ensues between Council Members and the Director of Neighborhoods)
* Hicks-Hudson – make this meeting on Thursday a Committee of the Whole.
* Santiago – it was OK – come at 4 PM and say the opposite.
* Collins – Council understands the process.
* Martinez – Submit funding.
* Santiago – Submit by the 17th, deadline. Santiago – Council submit the dollars.
* Webb – Council knows its position!
* Martinez – Accept dollars, do not authorize the Department to spend – has to pass.
* Santiago – we have to judge what is needed for the Community.
* Craig – Point of Order! (upset, Santiago and Craig shouting to be heard)
* Hicks-Hudson - (bangs the gavel a few times) The only person we need to take advise from is the Law Director – we are here because of last year – what is proper and not – meets action plan.
* Craig – can't believe the argument from the Director of Neighborhoods – not enough time – four members on this Council to review – this is about citizens, not accepting benefits for the Director of Neighborhoods.
* Steel – What is our role? Not to lay down and take it – budget was already appropriated - $1,000 might not sound like a lot, but for some it would make or break a food budget – this is not the way we should communicate – we could go a certain way – doesn't understand either way – the Administration doesn't want to work without dollars.
* Mayor – if you payed attention, you chose to come to this meeting – if we aren't using the format HUD exposed here – no Council Member questioned cuts in in funding – makes everyone happy – move this forward to Thursday, deadline is Friday.
* Hicks-Hudson – don't have to be to be flippant...
* Mayor – I'm not being flippant.
* Hicks-Hudson – We are going to meet this Thursday, this was already established.
* Mayor – make this an all day meeting, why not?
* Martinez – Table till this Thursday 1 – 3 PM – decide then – we shouldn't lose 6 mil – don't let them suffer – why are we using the homeless? Book this room for a length of time – make a decision.
* Hicks-Hudson – We will make a decision.
* Craig – refer this back to Committee.
* Collins – move to 11 AM on Thursday - 24 hour notice.
* Hicks-Hudson – we will work on the time.
* Webb – Do the opposite of what the Mayor said – lead us to a place we won't agree – not so – this Administration is forcing the issue down our throats.
* Steel – Item 168 – budgeting of line items by Thursday.

Item 200 – Accept 22nd Year HOME Funds from HUD, $1,682,898 – Committee of the Whole.

Item 201 – Accept 27th Year ESG Funds from HUD, $610,343 – Committee of the Whole
Item 195 – Appropriation to demolish 17 brick columns at Roosevelt Pool, $63,950 Parkland Replacement Fund

* Steel – Asked for update from Riley on this (not pool).
* Craig – Not a good way to spend money – pool is 50 years old – you could fund 70 baseball teams – all of Toledo, all year – this expense does nothing for the pool – not going to vote for this.
* Riley – They were there for a roof – legitimate use for the funds – supports.
* Collins - $120,000 left in this fund – is this a want or a need? Deputy Mayor will not have this done – what is it, a want or a need? This is dysfunctional.
* Riley – The Administration dictates what we should or shouldn't do – this is legitimate, supported by the community.
* Steel – Brings up the distrust – Administration will veto – (goes off on a rant about Government – he thinks we are a Democracy).

No – McNamara, Sarantou, Waniewski, Craig. Yes – Martinez, Ludeman, Hicks-Hudson, Steel, Collins, Enright, Webb, Riley.
Motion passed.

Item 196 – Amend TMC Sec. 933.02(i) to create Utility Appeals Board – To Utilities, Public Service.

Item 197 - Amend TMC Sec. 933.07(c) to allow tenants to pay public utility arrearage of landlord property owner - To Utilities, Public Service.

Item 198 - Amend TMC Sec. 933.10 to establish a Public Utility Customer Bill of Rights - To Utilities, Public Service.
* Webb – Meeting for these is on the 28th at 2 PM.

Item 233 - Amend TMC Sec. 187.34, Local Preference – passed – all voting yes.

Item 234 - Amend TMC Sec. 1706, Dogs, to mirror Ohio Revised Code – passed – all voting yes.

Item 235 – Contracts for spent time removal at Water Treatment, 3 years, $1,000,000/year Water Operating Fund – passed – all voting yes.

Item 236 – Appropriation for Barnum Ditch Ph. 2 improvements for Monroe and Harvest area, $850,000 Storm Water – passed all voting yes.

Item 237 – Re-appropriation for Engineering Services, from Matches/Planning to General Resurfacing, $371,455 CIP – passed – all voting yes.

Item 238 – Expenditure to Ed Kelley & Sons for emergency sewer repair at 1946 Greenwood, $15,051 Sewer Op – passed - all voting yes.

Item 239 – Agreement with QBE Insurance Corp for stop loss insurance coverage, 1 year + 1 option, $404,008 allocated – passed – all voting yes. Sarantou – spoke to VP of QBE – they have covered people in cities of our size before. I am voting yes.

Item 240 – Authorize disposal of obsolete City property; ladder truck, traffic light covers, NSP staging, and misc. - 1st Reading.

Item 241 – Expenditure for expansion & infrastructure installation at Forest Cemetery, $250,000 CIP – passed – all voting yes.

Item 242 – Contract for 2013 professional maintenance of swimming pools, $35,000 General Fund – passed – Waniewski, no – rest yes.

Item 243 – Accept Lucas County EMA grant for additional surveillance camera trailer for Police, $68,994 grant & LETF – passed – all voting yes.

Item 244 – Expenditures to Lucas County for 2013 criminal justice services,$5,398,190 General Fund - 1st Reading.

Item 245 – Landbank Sale – 117 Machen St. to Jim Ross for additional parking and green space, $150 – passed – all voting yes.

Item 246 – Resolution – Vacate alley near Monroe & Rushland – adopted – all voting yes.

Item 247 – Resolution – Vacate Kury Dr. south of Dorr at Westwood - 1st Reading.

Item 248 – Vacate streets and alleys west of Upton and north of I-475 for ProMedica Parkway – passed – all voting yes.

Item 249 – Vacate streets and alleys east of ProMedica Parkway and south of I-475 for ProMedica Parkway – passed – all
voting yes.

Item 188 - Resolution – Support creation of Dedicated Domestic Violence Docket at Toledo Municipal Court – passed – all voting yes.

Last Call:

McNamara – There is a meeting on June 3rd at 4 PM for street repairs and tree removal. Thanks for the support from the Law Department on jobs.

Riley – Would like the name of the business on the corner of Horce/Detroit Streets. They seem to have taken over; do they have a permit to operate.

Waniewski – Question for the Administration on a tree in the 3600/3700 block of Wycliff. Is the area at 3501 Queensbourgh a landbank? And Point of Order is not freedom to talk.

Webb – I used the word wisely (Point of Order). Had a meeting on bridge lighting, Suder Ave. - side walk on one side, rocks on the other. Bridge could use finishing touches.

Collins – Last Saturday there was a funeral for Dr. King, emphasized health care. He continued to serve the City, provided guidance.

Ludeman – Still waiting for answer on Firetruck.

Martinez – Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day. CDBG not enough dollars – polarizing – get this done Thursday.

Hicks-Hudson – This issue (CDBG) is important to whom we were elected to represent. Please get information before then. Tomorrow in these chambers there will be Police Awards at 9 AM.

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