Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hate to say it, but I told you so

Today's Blade has an interesting article on the presentation Toledo did to win the LivCom award.

Basically, they're saying that the claims made in the presentation are either overstated or more applicable to the region, rather than the city.

It's nice of the Blade to finally acknowledge what so many have said on the local blogs and radio - that any objective and independent review of the claims would show a much different picture. And the idea that we are the 'third most livable city in our size category in North America' is dubious when you consider all the other factors we 'live' with on a daily basis that make this city less than friendly - to businesses and residents.

The LivCom award was judged on the submitted application and then on the presentations. The judges were environmental and landscaping professionals. The criteria have to do more with aesthics than practicality. And that's okay if you know that ahead of time, and understand that there was no independent verification of the statements made.

Winning third at LivCom in our population category is a nice thing - but it won't be a catalyst to economic development when the reality doesn't match up to the 'advertising.' And that's the problem - which the Blade seems to finally recognize.

(Aside - the Mayor is correct about one thing, though. We do have deer in the city. Point Place, while a pennisula, is in the city and we've had deer in our yard and up and down the street several times. They are unusual, but not rare.)


Unknown said...

We have deer here in the South End as well, over by the golf course on Heatherdowns and even closer to my home, the ravine area next to Byrne Road not far from the Medical College deer have been seen on a regular basis. Also over by Maumee Country Valley Day school I've seen deer.

I'd suggest however, that the presentations for the other cities were based on the same standard as far as presenting the ideals. That's what happens anytime there is this type of a presentation, it's basic sales and marketing 101.

I also wonder if the other cities that won if they are dismissing the award and saying that their city is not liveable or only won because of some creative pr. Or if this is something that Toledo seems to be number one in.

Robin said...

There are also deer in South Toledo. I hit one, while driving down Arlington Ave, a few years back.

Maggie said...

Agreed that all cities were judged by the same criteria - but the criteria are more environmentally focused than anything else. Nothing wrong with that, but there are others who believe that these criteria don't necessarily represent the best criteria for judging a city as "livable" ... and I'm one of them.

As for other cities that won? Some are more realistic as to what the award means. I've said that it's nice we've gotten this - but it's not the huge deal that others seem to make it out to be - and, to me, it's more fluff than substance in terms of the other priorities and challenges that we face.

And if people think that billing us as a 'livable city' is going to make the difference in terms of population loss or attracting businesses to the area, they'll have a rude awakening when people point out that the 'advertising' doesn't match up with the reality.

Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...

Agreed on the deer in South Toledo, just off Eastgate too.

Oh, and one known rabid squirrel downtown..., 22 floors up ;-)


Wildlife is everywhere.


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