Wednesday, December 12, 2007

COSI: 'everything's on the table'

According to the report on Mayor Carty Finkbeiner's 'working lunch' with COSI supporters, "everything is on the table" when it comes to finding a way to save COSI.

While the COSI board has given up on the idea of keeping it open, they've decided to close as of Dec. 31 while working on various options under which it could re-open.

Neither David Waterman, COSI board chairman, nor the mayor ruled out another levy request in 2008. (No mention was made in the article about the private fundraising effort being led by Jerry Jakes.)

Hopefully, they won't go the levy route - or any route that expends public dollars on this failed enterprise. The COSI business plan wasn't good, as Waterman said, and the public has twice rejected funding a failed plan. The idea of spending Toledo Public School monies on a school in that facility also did not get a good reception, so any such proposals need to have solid, sound and supportable business plans ... something Toledo government doesn't do well.


Tim Higgins said...


Everything is on the table, but the patient coded a while back and TOD was declared a couple of weeks ago. When is somebody going to realize that it's time to bury the body, it's stinking up the joint.

Maybe Toledo should have a science museum of some kind, but even if that's the case why saddle it with the name and reputation of COSI? Any new effort would be far better off starting from scratch.

Roo said...

Hmmmmm - my business is slow and the bills are mounting. Wonder if Carty will hold a luncheon to see if he can find city money to carry me over till I figure out all the problems. (sarcasm here)

And what's the story with TFT Princess Fran spouting that COSI would make the perfect school? With the problems TPS has it doesn't seem as though this would be a good idea.

Hooda Thunkit said...

"We the Sheeple" have stood meekly by voting NO twice now, will a third NO really be believed?

It certainly points out the glaring need for reading and comprehension testing for political candidates, along with a laminated copy of their job description upon election and swearing in.

First order of business each and every morning should be for each elected official to read and comprehend this, every day they hold the office...

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