Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Dumb laws and more on Ohio's so-called Healthy Families Act

Actually, these are two separate topics, but the headline might easily be construed to be about the so-called Healthy Families Act.

On that note, fellow blogger Tim Higgins has a rather sarcastic and irreverent take on this proposal. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

As for Dumb Laws, the Club For Growth has a new blog focusing on dumb laws/proposals we find all across this nation. They have a nice blurb about our two state senators, Sherrod Brown and George Voinovich, sponsoring a resolution to honor soil.

Many of the laws are so ridiculous you wonder just how anyone actually thought of them. Then again, many are so ridiculous you might wonder just what our country is coming to.

And yes, I've sent them a couple from right here in Toledo. Unfortunately, some of our Toledo laws aren't just dumb, they're scary, so they might not make the cut.

If you have examples, feel free to offer them up. Sometimes I think the only way to get politicians to stop doing dumb things is to so thoroughly embarrass them that they stop.

(I know, I know - that's not likely - but I can hope!)

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Tim Higgins said...


As always, thanks for the link. It always makes my hit rate go up.

As for the non-binding resolution honoring dirt, I can only say that politicians normally dish out enough fertilizer to make such soil extremely fertile.

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