Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Don't be fooled by Earth Day

Today is 'Earth Day,' in case you've missed the nearly constant references to the event.

And for those of you who've managed to remain oblivious to the newest attempt at a holiday, this is a day created by environmental leftists to help 'raise awareness' of how evil humans are and to promote everything from the elimination of coal to cap-and-tax legislation to the end of 'climate change.'

Yes, this is a political movement, with much of their focus on brainwashing children into believing that doom and gloom awaits them should the temperature of the earth warm and/or cool. (And it appears that it doesn't really matter whether it's 'warming' or 'cooling' so long as they are browbeaten into adopting the agenda.) And it's apparently working.

But it's not just schools - it's in your churches as well, where they hope to twist Biblical teachings to care for the natural resources given to us by God into more of a worship of those same resources.

Now, being a conservative, I'm all for conservation and wise use of the planet, but I wouldn't mind a few degrees of warmth in Toledo. I just know that these leftist groups are trying to shove down our throats, through the force of government and indoctrination of our children, alternatives the free market doesn't support - and for good cause. I also reject bad science based upon fear and emotion rather than facts, especially when so many of their claims, like the decline of polar bears, have been proven false. (In fact, the population of polar bears is almost twice what is was four decades ago.)

And the earth goes through cyclical changes in temperatures no matter what we, as humans, do. The proof is right in our own back yard with glacial groves on the Lake Erie Islands, along with the Little Climatic Optimum followed by the Little Ice Age.

We all need to resist this political effort and instead insist upon science and facts - not upon fear as a motivator for more government, more taxes and other people telling us how to live our lives. We should certainly conserve our resources, but that does not mean that we do so at an even greater cost to ourselves and our children.

As they did with their Human Achievement Hour in response to Earth Hour, the Competitive Enterprise Institute has issued a press release and video to remind us that People Make Earth Day Better.

“While Earth Day has previously focused on traditional concerns like pollution and recycling, we think it’s also a perfect time to think about the challenges human beings themselves face around the world – like hunger, disease and poverty – and the many ways human ingenuity has helped drive them back,” said Competitive Enterprise Institute Director of New Media Richard Morrison.

The video in particular highlights some of the life-saving and life-fulfilling technologies that have been criticized in the past for being environmentally incorrect. Things like affordable energy from fossil fuels, safe, convenient bottled water and inexpensive jet travel have repeatedly roused the ire of the environmental activist community. All too often, however, the alleged environmental crimes of these products and technologies are presented with little consideration of the positive benefits they provide.

“From pesticides that have saved millions from dying of malaria to genetically modified foods that have saved millions from dying of starvation, the video reminds us that when we worry about environmental issues, we shouldn’t forget the disastrous effects of banning useful technologies,” said Morrison.

CEI isn't the only entity thinking about the issue from a realistic perspective. My friend Bob (CAI-54) sent me this email yesterday:

While some granola crunchers may have their tree-hug-in tomorrow, I’d like to invite you to join us in the celebrations tomorrow of “Cylinder Appreciation Index” Day.

It is time to pay our respects to all the advances in modern society made possible by the invention of the internal combustion engine. Without a doubt, the most significant advancement in mankind since Velveeta.

To honor this day, one is to total all of the cylinders in every internal combustion engine within the household. The often used measure of success is a person’s CAI should meet or surpass their age.

In the event of a shortage, the individual should report to their nearest Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, etc and purchase the required number of gas powered lawn tools as to see them in good CAI standing. In the event of larger differentials, a trip to the local Hummer dealership is in order. For those of meager CAI’s, a twin-engine boat is the quickest way to reach the desired CAI.

We hope you will join us tomorrow to celebrate CYLINDER APPRECIATION INDEX DAY!!!

While the CAI is a humorous approach, this is not really a funny matter. The leftists/statists who promote Earth Day have found an innocuous way to make their agenda seem like a good thing, little by little. Really, who doesn't want to help conserve the planet and the resources it offers us? What's so bad about spending one day thinking about things we can do to recycle?

It just doesn't stop with these small good-intentioned efforts. The Earth Day Network believes that if you do not do these things voluntarily, you should be forced to by government. That's why the orange banner across the top of their website says "Call the Capitol switchboard at 202 224-3121 and tell your member of Congress to support the Markey climate bill."

Toledo already has some of the highest utility bills, and this legislation will only make them higher. Yeah - I want to increase my energy costs so a bunch of Congressional friends can make a fortune with taxpayer subsidies for technology that the free market knows is not profitable. That's a great way to celebrate Earth Day!

So remember these points when you hear or read about Earth Day - and be as skeptical of their claims as you are a politician's.

SIDE NOTE: Why are these groups in our schools in the first place? And shouldn't we 'Save the Humans!' instead? Or maybe we could save the environment for a profit?

Better yet, you can read a former president's warning against ecological extremism (and the Department of Homeland Security thinks right-wing thinkers are a threat?) or this reminder that richer countries have better environments.


Matthew Mulligan said...

Earth day is intended to make you 'feel good' about environmental activism.

It is indeed a political movement that can threaten the freedoms we now enjoy.

jrg said...

If the human race still exists thousands of years from now, global warming will be considered the greatest scam perpetrated on society if the 'climate change' crowd gets there way. This link shows that the earth has been cooling and warming for thousands of years and will continue to do so long after we are gone. The linked chart just illustrates how dishonest the 'climate changers' are because all of their temperature graphs that are presented start in 1880, but do not include the thousands of years before this date when the earth was much warmer without the use of internal combustion engines. What's really scary is how this 'global warming science' is just assumed to be true and that therefore we are the cause of it and we must pay for our sins. While I am all for responsible use of our natural resources, cap-and-tax scams and gov't subsidies to prop up technologies before they are cost effective will only make this current recession much deeper and longer lasting.

Tim Higgins said...


As I did with my own postings this week, I am writing this comment while my lap top is powered by a coal fired generator. I likewise have every light in my hotel room on.

It's not that I don't believe in conservation for its own sake, or that I don't wish to save money. Its only that I find this additional protest of the lies and nonsense fulfilling on a personal level. If they want to measure my carbon footprint, I'm going to show them just how big my feet are.

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