Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Soros Watch

There has long been talk among conservatives and right-leaning bloggers about how effective the left is at targeting specific individuals and groups who oppose their goals or ideas.

The discussion is not about having a right-type of character assassination, which is the main purpose of the left, but about providing information that is so lacking in the main stream media that used to be the watch dog on all matters.

The Center for Union Facts has their website, UnionFacts.com.Chuck Muth, a long-time favorite of mine, has been hosting The Union Label which is run by another friend, Eric Odom. Both these websites have provided facts and postings that are ignored by the media.

But there aren't a lot of sites that focus on the individuals who fund the activities of the left, but that's beginning to change.

SorosWatch.com is now up and running:

"SorosWatch.com is a project of Citizen Outreach, a 501(c)(4) non-profit, non-partisan organization established for the purpose of grassroots advocacy at the federal, state and local levels. Citizen Outreach supports free-market principles both in the United States and abroad.

The American billionaire George Soros has been amassing his fortune at the expense of foreign economies. Soros is widely known as the sly investor who broke the Bank of England in 1992; he has reaped billions of dollars by manipulating the currencies of developing nations, including Malaysia, Thailand, and, most recently, Hungary. As a result of these dubious dealings, his net worth totals more than most developing countries’ GDPs; still, he continues to reap financial rewards from their fragile banking systems.

The laundry list of his shady activities reads like a rap sheet. By discouraging foreign direct investment, engaging in insider trading, short-selling bank stocks, and speculating against foreign currency, George Soros has single-handedly arrested the economic growth of many developing countries.

When Soros and his investment fund aren’t directly attacking foreign capital markets, he’s recruiting NGOs to execute public misinformation campaigns against foreign investment in developing economies. In one instance, Soros along with a cabal of activists made a show of lobbying for aid to foreign governments. With the public distracted by Soros’ stunt, his investment fund stealthily focuses its efforts on bankrupting their financial markets.

As a result of this racket, developing countries in Africa and Asia have slammed the door on would-be investors, hindering their ability to witness just how beneficial foreign investments can be to their economic prosperity.

It’s time to tear down the facade.

Citizen Outreach is calling on George Soros to stop exploiting the delicate financial situation of developing countries and reaping rewards from their fledgling banks and reserves. He must stop hiding behind the veil of philanthropy while pursuing a self-seeking agenda. Simply put, George Soros must give up his crusade against the poor."

I hope you'll add these sites to your regular reading list.

NOTE - August, 2010: There have been quite a number of hits on this particular post recently as more people do searches on George Soros. Unfortunately, SorosWatch is no longer active. I've contacted Chuck Muth, the originator of the page, and informed him of the growing interest. He said he'd look into re-activiting the website after November's election.


Jack McHugh said...

Michigan education reform activist runs "Thug Watch," now toned down to "Education Reform Watch," chronicling the misdeeds of state teacher unions.

Maggie Thurber said...

Thanks for that link, Jack...

The Conservative Mom said...

The Soroswatch website gives me a "Forbidden" message. Does this mean that it's still down?

Maggie Thurber said...

Conservative Mom - I've contacted the organization that was sponsoring this website and asked if the project is still alive and about the link that says 'forbidden.'

Apparently, there are a lot of people looking for this information as I've had quite a number of hits on this post as well as emails about the broken link over the past several weeks.

When I get a response about the link, I'll share it here.

B Bradford said...

I have tried to access soroswatch.com only to have a page come up that says: FORBIDDEN You don't have permission to access / this server. What gives here. How do I get permission?


B. Bradford

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