Sunday, April 05, 2009

What's wrong with this picture?

Several media outlets are reporting that the bank CEOs want to repay the monies given to them as part of the bailout/TARP program, but that President Obama does not want the money returned...

According to the various reports, it's because the President believes the money needs to be 'in the system' and available for use.

But if the banks do not NEED the money and want to repay the taxpayer funds, why would this be a bad thing? Despite reports, individuals are getting credit and at reasonable - some would say highly favorable - rates.

So why would the President be opposed to the repayment?

I believe it's because of control. If the money is repaid, then the government no longer has a hammer to mandate decisions and employment. I may be cynical and I could be wrong, but I cannot help but believe the motivation for keeping taxpayer dollars in these organizations is so that the government can dictate what they do, how they do it and other such issues as compensation and loan policies.

Why else would the President not want the taxpayers of the nation to be repaid?

And I'm happy to know I'm not the only one who thinks this.


Roman said...

It is always about control. The people in the administration believe they can spend your money better than you(taxes), make decisions better than anyone(regulations) and overall think they know better how everyone should live their lives. In their perfect world, we all would send all of our income to the state and they would give us what they think we need.

Frank said...

There seems to be a song that is running around my head about this issue...Back in the USSR by the Beatles. While the song itself may not fit (lyrically), just the idea that we are turning into the United States of Socialism Republic.
It is a sad thing that our founding fathers fought against this evil and now we are on the brink of returning to this ancient form of government.
Maybe with all these tea parties breaking out all over the country, it might be a more peaceful revolutionary war that will make the needed changes to return to our roots and return to a more efficent government. But this too seems to be a pipe dream.

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