Tuesday, February 02, 2010

UPDATED: Did ORP call the cops on tea party protesters?

UPDATE: Tom Blumer at Bizzy Blog has more coverage and a link to a video of the protest, police included!

Matt Hurley at Weapons of Mass Discussion is reporting that, indeed, that's exactly what happened. Approximately 40 people showed up at GOP headquarters to protest the endorsement of former Sen. Mike DeWine and the back-room maneuvering behind the race for Attorney General.

Hurley has more to say on the issue that started the protest plan, the 'no more RINO candidates' movement, but I'll let you read it for yourself.

In the end, though, the ORP state central committee endorsed Dave Yost, the former Attorney General candidate, for state Auditor. However, state Rep. Seth Morgan, who had been running for that position, remains in the race for the primary nomination.

This is going to end very badly for the ORP, driving away the very people they should be embracing.

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