Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mayor Bell presents updated 2010 budget with $48.2 million deficit

This just in via email:

Budget Forecast Update

Mayor Michael P. Bell today sent to members of Toledo City Council and the City's union leadership an updated forecast for 2010 revenue and the current state of the anticipated deficit. That information is attached electronically to this release. To date the administration has identified $25.6 million in deficit reduction measures.

The Mayor met on Wednesday with the union leaders to present them with the potential cost savings to be achieved through employee concessions, which would affect all employees in all funds and agencies. The concessions and deficit reduction measures, coupled with the ballot initiatives the administration has proposed for council action would remediate the 2010 deficit without seriously affecting the level of service provided to Toledo residents. All measures would nevertheless pursue a long-term improvement in the efficiency of internal operations for the City of Toledo.

On Thursday the administration will meet with representatives from the State Auditors office and on Friday there will be a budget working meeting with members of the administration, city council, department directors and union leaders. Public input sessions are also being scheduled to allow citizens the opportunity to offer suggestions and weigh in on the service priorities they feel need to be addressed.

The Mayor has committed to providing multiple draft budget scenarios to City Council by March 1 to allow them time for discussion and action before the March 31 deadline.


The attachment is available for viewing here. Key points from the letter:

* 2009 budget is projected to be $12.7 million - $3 million more than reported on Jan. 14.

* $1.3 million has to be added to the Solid Waste budget for costs associated with the conversion to automation and the cost of recycling.

* 2010 budget deficit is now estimated to be $48.2 million.

* The Bell administration has identified $13.6 million in revenue reductions and $12 million in revenue increases. If all these are implemented, 2010 deficit will be $22.6 million.

* Bell is still seeking concessions: $16.66 million including $ 6.7 million from elimiating all pension pick-ups, $2.86 million from employees paying 20% of their health insurance costs and $7.1 million resulting from a 10% across the board pay cut. The savings are if all departments, boards and agencies implement these cuts, including the Toledo Municipal Court Judges and Clerk.

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navyvet said...

Hi Maggie,


Appointments...followed by promotional salary increases...will come back to haunt the Mayor. Substance is bad...timing was worse...

If Columbus takes over down the road, it won't be fun. Sadly, it may be the only way to pay for mistakes of prior administrations....and union leaders...and members.

Those "good times" are long gone and they may never return. Only time will tell.

Ya don't like it? Quit. Find a new job. Good luck.

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