Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Iott files petitions for Congress

This just in via email:

Rich Iott Files Petitions for Congress

Businessman officially enters the race for the Republican primary nomination

TOLEDO - Saying he would campaign as an independent Republican, Businessman Rich Iott filed petitions today to officially enter the race for the Republican Party nomination for Ohio's 9th Congressional District seat.

He said there are several reasons that drove him to enter the race, including concern over Washington's out-of-control spending, its failure to create an atmosphere where the private sector of the economy can create jobs, and its failure to listen to the voices of the American people on sich issues as health care and the so-called "Cap and Trade" bill.

"We need to get this country back on the right track," Iott said. "Poll after poll shows that Congress is acting against the will of the people of America. They opposed Cap and Trade and the House of Representatives passed it anyway. They opposed the health care reform measure and the House of Representatives passed it anyway. They took over the domestic car industry. They took over the banking industry. They took over the student loan industry. The one thing they haven't done is fix the economy.

"I believe we also need to stop the spending by the federal government. No one can deny that we are mortgaging our grandchildren's future. Even the Congressional Budget Office says the federal spending is absolutely unsustainable. There is no way we can spend our way to prosperity. Instead we are spending ourselves into the poor house, and I don't want that future for my children and neither do the voters of the 9th Congressional District.

"Finally, we need to createan environment where the private sector can grow and thrive. We need to lower taxes, quit over-regulating industries that we need to build our economic future (the energy industry comes to mind immediately) and get out of the way of the people in our country who actually create jobs. The only jobs that Washington creates are government jobs. Even Indiana Senator Evan Bayh said as much in his speech earlier this week - that the public sector cannot create jobs. Only the private sector does that, and I intend to use my business experience to push that agenda."

The 9th Congressional District includes most of Lucas County, all of Ottawa and Erie counties, and the western half of LorainCounty.

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