Friday, February 12, 2010

The 'Green Police' have arrived in Toledo!

There was much to-do about the Audi 'Green Police' commercial that ran during the Superbowl. Well, reality has hit home as Toledo gets ready for it's own version of the 'green police.'

In today's Blade story about the additional $1.3 million in costs associated with the trash conversion, Dave Welsh, Director of Public Service said the costs were "unavoidable."

Among the extra costs included adding a call center to handle the large number of calls from residents, new inspectors to ensure people were using the new containers properly, and using traditional trucks to collect bulk and overflow trash within a 48-hour window. (emphasis added)

Now, the fact that they didn't know about these costs ahead of time just proves what I said all along about the operations of our local government. They didn't think about the implementation or impact ahead of time and, obviously, didn't budget for it. And now it's going to cost an additional $1.3 million? How many inspectors and call center people do they need? And for how long?

And just what, exactly, are they inspecting? Toledo has had curb-side recycling for years now. Why does the introduction of a city-purchased container for recycling require an inspection when they've never 'inspected' recycling in the past?

Do you think anyone on city council will ask these questions or demand an explanation as to why these costs were not anticipated - or even why they are needed?

But worse, yet, is my fear that, before long, they'll give these inspectors 'police' powers to issue tickets or citations to people who are not following the rules. Don't laugh - they've followed this path before, changing the city charter to grant police powers to inspectors who previously had none.

Hey - it's another source of income, otherwise known as 'revenue enhancements' in the city, so why not?

In the end, this wonderful new system that was supposed to save us money is actually going to cost us: new trucks, new cans, call center, new inspectors...guess they had to find new work for all the people whose jobs they eliminated.

Government really doesn't understand the concept of 'cutting expenses,' does it?


Roman said...

Are there people in the city who are surprised? This was so predictable.

Unintended consequences seem to be the bane of government. Way too much short-sighted legislation. Then finger pointed, and much bloviating.

James said...

Hell, my trash pick up day is Friday, 2-12. It didn't get picked up. I called twice about it, and I'm sure nothing will be done about it.

Timothy W Higgins said...

Not partnering with the county in a more profitable contract to deal with recycling ... expensive.

A call center and new trucks to deal with recycled material that isn't picked up on time (or at all) ... $1.3 million.

Finding a government program that requires more funding every time they look at it ... Priceless.

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