Saturday, January 29, 2011

RightOnLine #1 - New Media and the Free Market Movement

Notes from RightOnLine:

* new media drives MSM coverage, influences the public policy agenda, increases and enhances activism and spreads messages to a broader audience.
* policymakers pay attention to new media, especially when they're the ones being talked about.

A tale of two states: Texas and Georgia

* both are strong conservative states, but Texas's left-wing blog began to dominate the state legislature. The blogger's posts were read by legislators during their sessions and the elected officials started to debate the posts on the floor, rather than the merits of the issue...

* Georgia's on-line discussion revolved around a conservative blogger who is now in charge of He's not only influenced state politics, but now is a national commentator.

This is an example of how social media can be a powerful tool, but it requires the 'right' to be networked better.

The area where bloggers can make the most difference is at the local level - the government that is closest to you, whether it's township trustees, city councils or state houses.

So the question is: what are you doing to be involved?

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Timothy W Higgins said...


It's great to see that humble (and sometimes not-so-humble) scribblers can make a difference in the political debate. It is likewise gratifying to see some of the best (like yourself) achieving larger stages to work upon.

We can only hope that all of those who do so will seek the same interest in checking their facts and the same journalistic integrity in dealing with them that you have; and not simply deal in ad hominems and rancor as so many do.

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