Friday, January 28, 2011

TIYC Winterfest and Iceboat Regatta

Have you ever been on an iceboat? Have you even seen one? They are amazing vehicles and lots of fun - and this weekend is your opportunity to learn all about them.

The Toledo Ice Yacht Club is hosting their annual Winterfest and Iceboat Regatta at Ottawa River Yacht Club and the event is open to the public.

Saturday, there will be iceboats set up for viewing, so you'll be able to see the various kinds and learn about how they're made - and almost all of them are hand-made. There will also be some sailors who can take participants for a ride - if there's enough wind.

Ottawa River Yacht Club is in Point Place at the corner of Edgewater and 140th Street.

Wind and other conditions permitting, you can view the other boats sailing and racing on Maumee Bay. The best location for viewing and safe access to the ice is at the end of 125th Street.

So bundle up, bring the kids and enjoy some winter sports here in Point Place!

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