Sunday, January 23, 2011

Space Station viewing

If you'd like to see the International Space Station passing overhead, it looks like Tuesday morning will be a good time.

It will pass over the Toledo area from 6:41 - 6:43 a.m. You'd want to look to the West-Southwest, maximum elevation is 88 degrees. It will be a 'very bright' magnitude, so locating it with bare eyes should be easy if it is clear enough.

Should the weather not cooperate, there are a other chances to see it this week:

* Wednesday, 7:07 - 7:09 a.m., West, elevation 32 degrees
* Thursday, 6:01 - 6:04 a.m., North-Northeast, elevation 50 degrees
* Friday, 6:27 - 6:30 a.m., North-Northwest, elevation 29 degrees.


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