Monday, January 24, 2011

Toledo gets $2.15 million offer for The Docks from Chinese group

Press Release:

Bell Administration to Forward Proposal for Sale of Docks

Mayor Michael P. Bell expects on Tuesday morning to deliver a proposal for the sale of The Docks restaurant complex to Toledo City Council for consideration.

The proposal offers $2.15 million for the property and is offered by a group of investors, Dashing Pacific Group, based in China. The relationship with the investors was initiated in September when Bell and Dean Monske, Deputy Mayor for External Relations, joined a multi-city tour of China seeking business development. Representatives of Dashing Pacific have since made two visits to Toledo to further explore the opportunities that exist for expanding their businesses in North America, once in October and once in December.

Both the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, along with a representative of the investment group, will be available to answer questions at a 9:30 a.m. media briefing on Tuesday, January 25th in the Mayor’s office.



Roman said...

At the risk of sounding cynical, aren't we changing ownership from one left wing government to another?

Maggie Thurber said...

Ah Roman - I needed a good laugh. :)

But as left as our city council leans, I do not put them in the same boat as the Chinese communist government - not yet, at least.

James said...

Will there be any unions opposing this sale to the Chinese? I'm thinking along the lines of how they picketed the Walmart store openings in Toledo and Oregon.

DDBOOTS said...

Maybe the Chinese offered Bell free lifetime fortune cookies.

Ann Albright said...

Is it possible we are getting some of our grant money from xunlight back?

If we just knew more about those investors, and who they represent.

DDBOOTS said...

Bell stated in his State of Union he will continue to pursue the Chinese and any other foreign country for their investments and money.

Evidently Bell could care less who he gets money from. Bell does not investigate foreign people so everyone else better check it out, he may be selling Toledo to Terrorists.

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