Saturday, December 31, 2011

Links discussed while filling in on WSPD

Here is the link to the podcast of my interview with C.L. Bryant about his upcoming movie Runaway Slave.

Tom Blumer who writes at BizzyBlog, PJ Media and Newsbusters, expounds on the top media bias stories of 2011, as we discussed, as well as other examples of media malfeasance.

Here are the 2012 predictions from WSPD listeners:

* Steve in Slyvania - predicts no shortage of Toledo city council stupidity (but how to judge?)

* Bob - predicts it will be illegal to talk on cell phones in vehicles in Ohio - even with hands-free technology

* Tim Higgins - Blade will cease 7-day print publication - probably go to a 3-4 day/week publication...Saturday is a dead publication day and Wednesday is coupon - drop so predicts Saturday and maybe Tuesday or Thursday will no longer have daily papers

* Mike in Oregon - SB5 opponents will call to task all Republicans who voted for the bill and the Democrats will take the Ohio as a result.

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