Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Top Ohio conservative blogs

From The Daily Bellweather:

The selection process was designed not to be transparent. It consisted of The Daily Bellwether calling and e-mailing a select group of 35 politicos, journalists, academics and others who pay close attention to public affairs and policy in Ohio. The prime directive: A blog had to consistently generate musings and material from the right side of the spectrum; it had to be red. The selectors recommended candidates and a consensus was developed. The proceedings were kept entirely secret. Opinions came in from all regions of the state and from as far away as California and Washington D.C. A cross-section of ideology and political philosophy was represented on the selection panel, whose identities will not be revealed.

Yours truly was listed as #2, just behind Bizzy Blog written by Tom Blumer. Being second to Tom is no shame whatsoever as he consistently rates in my top five of Ohio bloggers.

So to the unknown panelists - thanks!

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