Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

I'm taking the weekend off to celebrate Christmas with my family and friends.

Our holiday tradition starts with a Christmas Eve Open House at our home. We've done this for years - invited family and friends who are in town to stop by for 2 minutes or 2 hours, to say hello, have some food and drink and enjoy each other's company.

We watch the constant running of A Christmas Story and have the computer on to follow along as NORAD tracks Santa's journey around the earth. We pull out our board games for the kids and open (and drink!) some of Sam's homemade champagne.

Some years, we've had over 75 people stop by. Other years, there have been only about 10 of us ... it all depends on who is in town and what else is going on. But regardless of the numbers, it is our Christmas Eve tradition made better by the presence of family and friends.

Sam and I do Christmas morning just the two of us and then my family joins us for Christmas Brunch. This year, I'm trying a new recipe of duck accompanied by a cauliflower gratin (yes, I'm one of those who try new recipes at holidays without practicing first). For Christmas Day Dinner, we'll head up to the Thurber complex for appetizers, drinks, dinner and dessert with all of Sam's family - usually around 30 of us - followed by intriguing conversations and, if custom holds, cards.

I love these celebrations, despite the work they entail, and look forward to them every year.

I hope your holiday traditions are something that you, too, cherish and that your Christmas weekend will be filled with the love of family and friends - and that Santa is good to you!

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