Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Is The Blade complicit or ignorant

I've previously written about the illegality of Lisa Sobecki, a civil service employee, seeking partisan office.

My friend and fellow blogger, Tom Blumer, in mentioning the situation, asks a very pertinent question:

Based on his coverage at this story, Tom Troy at the Toledo Blade, which says that it wants “to be the premier source of news and information about northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan,” is either too ignorant to know or doesn’t care about Sobecki’s clearly illegal candidacy. Which is it, Tom?

You would think that the paper's 'politics writer' would know the law and at least mention it in covering the candidates in the Democrat primary for 2012 - but apparently not.

So - is the paper complicit in purposefully not bringing to the attention of the public the fact that civil service employees in the state are prohibited from partisan political activity, including running for office under a party affiliation? Or is he ignorant, as Blumer questions.

Inquiring minds....

Oh - and if you think the Commissioners should enforce Ohio law and treat all county employees equally, you can call them to see if they plan to uphold their oaths of office and follow the law - or let their political loyalties rule the day. Their phone number is 419-213-4500.

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skeeter1107 said...


This is Lucas County. It's different here.

Laws as applied to Democrats are situational and really based on the intent of the individual. Say for example, you turned in your papers to the BOE late. Meant well, just didn't get them in on time.

If you're a Republican in Lucas County. The rules are as written.

I hope I clarified for you the distinction.

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