Friday, April 20, 2012

BlogConCLT 'hate tweet'

These tweets were sent out by @Trollololoumad regarding some earlier comments from BlogCon attendees who thought it was too cold in the meeting room.  For the record, it is cold in the room, but since I usually expect that, I have a sweater. 

But this is just beyond the pale:

@Trollolololumad:  Seminar topics for #BlogConCLT --- Snort coke until your heart explodes and you leave your family nothing - the #Breitbart way.

@Trollolololumad: Whining #BlogConCLT baggers are too lazy to generate heat. Do a jumping jack, you fat hogs, or your heart will explode like #Breitbart's.

@Trollolololumad: How goddamn fat, lazy, useless and retarded do you have to be to go to #BlogConCLT? #Breitbart-like?

And they say conservatives have no compassion...

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