Friday, April 27, 2012

Hypocrisy thy name is Nancy Pelosi

I awoke this morning to a Fox News update on WSPD and immediately broke into a fit of laughter.  It was not the deep belly, happy laughter that has you rolling on the floor, but one of derision and disbelief.

What was it that so abruptly wrenched me from my drowsy awakening?  This quote from House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi:

"We will not support a bill that robs Peter to pay Paul."

She was referring to the Republican plan to cut Obamacare to pay for the cost of extending a low interest rate on student loans:

On Friday, the House will vote on a Republican bill to keep Stafford student loan interest rates at 3.4 percent. The $5.9 billion proposal would be paid for by cutting money from President Obama's healthcare overhaul.
The Democrats, on the other hand, "would pay for a one-year interest rate cut by increasing Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes on the top earners and owners of some privately held corporations."

How is taxing top earners and business owners to pay for someone else's college loans NOT robbing Peter to pay Paul?!?  Can you say 'stuck-on-stupid'?

The entire quote from Pelosi gives us a better understanding of her position:

“We will not support a bill that robs Peter to pay Paul, which ostensibly supports a middle-class initiative while making those very same people pay for it.”

So let's get this straight - she doesn't want the people who are going to benefit from an intiative to have to pay for it, but she believes other people should?  Sorry, Nancy, but that's "robbing Peter to pay Paul."

The fact is that both positions require others to pay for the lower interest rates - both rob Peter to pay Paul, so Pelosi's statement is sheer, unadulterated hypocrisy.  And why didn't anyone at her press conference call her on it?

The other fact is that government has nothing that it didn't first take from someone else.  Our entire governmental structure is, ostensibly, based upon robbing Peter to pay Paul.  Some of those payments are justified by the authority of the Constitution (national defense, for example).  But others, like government loans for college, are not.

The problem is that too many do not understand that government has to first take from some before it can give to others.  Eventually someone has to pay ... and it is usually the ones who don't benefit from the expenditure who are forking over the dough.


skeeter1107 said...


Apparently you are having a problem with "the truth" by Pelosi. You must understand that it is fluid and situational. The truth is also dependent on what day it is and whom she is talking to.

Her talent is the ability to convincingly express and hold two competing ideas that are "true."

The truly sad thing for our country is the millions of people posing as "Paul's" find her logic impeccable.

I hope I've been able to soothe your mind so as to allow you to go back to your drowsy state. Let me know if you have any other questions.

-Sepp said...

Robbing Peter to pay Paul...if the democrats were against that idea they'd have no way to fund any of their ideas!
I'm hard pressed to find ANY liberal programs that aren't robbing somebody in order to pay somebody else!
It is laughable that Pelosi of all people would make that statement since she's the biggest proponent of robbing people.

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