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Toledo City Council Meeting - April 24, 2012

Notes from Sherry - she has some comments and they are bolded.  Additionally, the TARTA appointment was William Thomas, Executive Director of the Downtown Toledo Improvement District/COO of Downtown Toledo Development Corp.  The Port Authority appointment was Sharon Speyer, President of the Northwest Ohio Region for Huntington National Bank.

In attendance: Councilwomen Webb, Hicks-Hudson, Councilmen Ludeman, Martinez, McNamara, Copeland, Sarantou, Collins, Riley, Craig, Steel, Waniewski, woman sitting in for Mayor (?), later replaced by Deputy Mayor Herwat.

Item 134 – Appointment – Director of Inspection – Hold until May 8th.

Item 185 – Appointment – TARTA – confirmed – all voting yes.

Item 186 – Appointment – Toledo – Lucas County Port Authority – confirmed – all voting yes.

Item 188 – Resolution – Recognize Stan Stachak – adopted – all voting yes.

Item 187 – Resolution – Recognize Makala White, Statewide Poetry Outloud Winner – adopted – all voting yes.

Item 215 – Zone change at 1420 Starr Ave. - passed – all voting yes.

Item 216 – Zone change at 1422-1426 Starr Ave. - passed – all voting yes.

Item 189 – Resolution – Support Workers' Memorial Day – adopted – all voting yes.

Item 190 – Resolution – Support UFCW Local 75 at American Red Cross Blood Services – Webb – I see that the workers are here (all dressed the same) - this was discussed at Agenda Review – I've passed out a paper with stronger language for the bill – we have gone to the table in good faith – this is unfair labor practice – this is the same Council that had a Resolution against SB 5 – allow your conscious to be your guide – this is for all those people that pay taxes. (Why is Council getting involved in a private business? We don't work for a Union, but we pay taxes. She has a wrong attitude towards people, especially those who don't work for a Union. Remember, she represents all of the people that live in District 6, not just the ones who work for a Union. SZ)  passed – Ludeman, Waniewski – no, rest yes.

Item 214 – SUP for greenhouse at 4747 Hill Ave. - passed – all voting yes.

Item 217 – Zone change at 1042 Woodville Rd. - passed – all voting yes.

Item 218 Amend SUP for 24-hour operation of convenience store at 2953-2963 Tremainsville (PC Disapproved) – Waniewski – I'm going to support this – Planning Commission disapproved – don't like the compliance – fuel store needs to be open 24-hours, a couple of stores around it are open 24-hours. Webb – this same gas station (name) is not open 24-hours in her district – abuts neighborhood – gang members from Asbury Park hanging around – denied permit – she will be voting no. Steel – What is the reaction from the neighbors? Waniewski – They're OK, nobody seems to mind. Passed – Webb, McNamara, Copeland – no, rest yes.

Item 191 – Accept additional State grant for Misdemeanant Intensive Supervision (MIS) for Municipal Court, $20,000 – passed – all voting yes.

Item 192 – Sale of 20' strip of real property at 11013 Airport Highway to Days Inn at Airport, $6,000 – passed – all voting yes.

Item 193 – Accept HUD grants, 38th Yr CDBG $6,839,464, 21st Yr HOME $1,682,898, 26th Yr ESG $610,343 – Martinez – First step to accepting – I'll have the final draft this weekend. McNamara - to have it reworked – get with Martinez. Steel – same concerns. Collins – the policy for Bethany House through the Department of Neighborhoods – applied in good faith. Martinez – answers by this Friday. Steel – what about the homeless fund? passed – all voting yes.

Item 194 – Amend TMC Sec. 965.10(5) to shorten No-Wake Zone from MLK Bridge to High Level Bridge – passed – all voting yes.

Item 195 – Authorize contract for auctioneer services and hold auctions to sell surplus vehicles and equipment – passed – all voting yes.

Item 196 – Establish and enforce Berkey Fixed Rate for existing water consumers in the Village of Berkey – to Utilities Committee, meeting on 4/30 at 4 PM.

Item 197 – Appropriation for new roof at Collins Park Water Treatment Plant, $9,200,000 Water Bond Fund - 1st Reading.

Item 198 – Appropriation for additional chlorine facility at Collins Park Water Treatment Plant, $5,050,000 Water Bond - 1st Reading.

Item 199 – Appropriation to upgrade SCADA System at Collins Park Water Treatment Plant, $4,958,704 Water Bond – passed – all voting yes.

Item 200 – Appropriation for vehicles & equipment at Collins Park Water Treatment Plant, $400,000 Water Replacement - 1st Reading.

Item 201 – Appropriation for new boiler system piping at Collins Park Water Treatment Plant, $350,000Water Bond – passed – all voting yes.

Item 202 – Re-appropriate funds for engineering services for Collins Park Water Treatment Plant, $200,000 Water Operations – passed – all voting yes.

Item 203 – Appropriation for chemical lab testing equipment for Collins Park Water Treatment, $200,000 Water Replacement - 1st Reading.

Item 204 – Expenditure for 2 storage tanks for Water Treatment Low Service Pump Station, $35,000 Water Operations – passed – all voting yes.

Item 205 – Appropriation for 2012 Sidewalk Program , $382,630 Assessed Improvement Fund – passed – all voting yes.

Item 206 – Expenditure to ESRI for GIS software and support for Engineering Services, $142,900 Sewer Improvement & CIP – passed – all voting yes.

Item 207 – Resolution – Street Lighting – E. Pearl St. from Elm St. to Chestnut St. - adopted – all voting yes. Item 208 – Street Lighting – Ryan Rd. from Cass Rd. to Eastgate Rd. - passed – all voting yes.

Item 209 – Re-appropriate funds for for secondary tunnel pipe support for Water Reclamation, $49,582 Sewer Bond – passed – all voting yes.

Item 210 – Amend TMC Ch. 930, sewer discharge control program for Environmental Services - 1st Reading.

Item 211 – Re-appropriate 2010 Street Resurfacing CIP funds for 2012 Sidewalk Program, $229,293 CIP Fund – passed – all voting yes.

Item 212 – Establish Trust Fund to celebrate National Drinking Water Week – passed – all voting yes.

Item 213 – Agreement with Lucas County for county-wide EMS, 1 year plus renewals – Martinez – has a problem with auto renewal. Representative for EMS – re-assures him what this is going for. Martinez – repeats his prior statement – passed – all voting yes.

Item 219 – Resolution – Object to renewal of liquor permit at Big Shots, 931 W. Central Ave. - Collins – committee meeting on this yesterday – from 2009 till now, there have been 70 calls – 1 fatality – 30 arrested recently – tried to cover up the smell of marijuana – they have called, but Police Officers will not work there privately – terminate license – passed – Riley abstaining, rest yes.

Item 168 – Resolution – Levy assessments for sanitary sewer for N. Detroit Ave., Dearden Place and Birdsall Rd. - Hold till 5/8.

Item 177 – Amend Ordinance 46-12 to assign net proceeds to United North from sale of One Martime Plaza, $143,000 – Executive Session, 20 minutes – McNamara abstaining – passed – all voting yes.

Last Call:

Hicks-Hudson – Code 111 and 112 – look at these for next meeting. Wants to know about tree trimming and grass cutting in vacant lots.

Ludeman – Went walking for the March of Dimes along River, bring the plight of early birth into the light – great event.

Riley – Winfred Park – inform as to changes/modifications. Former TPS sites in District 1 – what has been acquired?

Sarantou – HR meeting Thursday at 1:30. Thanks all the young people that volunteered for Global Earth Day.

Steel – time line for the work on Collingwood Ave. - also for pump repairs.

Waniewski – Thanks Sarantou for attending a meeting in his area. Need to pay attention to paving on Monroe St.

Webb – Steering Committee meeting to meet Thursday at 4 PM. Collins – Return of property on Winthrop – Beverly grade school for park/green space – where is it at? Neighbors want to take the responsibility/upkeep for the park. Cruthers – will get back to you on the property.

McNamara – Committee of the Whole meeting tomorrow.

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James said...

Council had no business even discussing the labor problems at the Red Cross. Leave it to the Democrats on Council to stick their noses where it doesn't belong and suck up to their union buddies. Obviously they had nothing better to do at that moment.

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