Saturday, April 28, 2012

New AFP ad highlights Obama's job creation - overseas

We all know about President Barak Obama's penchant for spending your tax dollars on 'green energy' companies. 

It was supposed to be an 'investment' in green jobs but all we have to do mention names like Solyndra (bankrupt), America's worst wind energy project, First Solar (laying off thousands), Solar Trust for America (bankrupt), Evergreen Solar (bankrupt), or SpectraWatt (bankrupt) to know how that turned out.

But many do not know that a lot of that so-called stimulus money, designed to improve the employment picture here in the United States, actually went to create job overseas.

Americans for Prosperity has put together a few of the highlights on how those stimulus dollars were spent:

*  $2.3 billion in tax credits went to create jobs in foreign countries.
*  $1.2 billion went to a solar energy company to help finance a new plant in Mexico.
*  $500 million to an electric car company which created hundreds of jobs in Finland.
*  Tens of millions of dollars to build traffic lights in China.

But they're not counting on just bloggers and press releases to share this information. Here is their latest ad:

I saw this commercial twice last night during prime time. It's running in eight states, including Ohio where Obama's 'green energy' plans aren't just tanking in terms of creating new jobs, but are responsible for killing existing jobs here as part of his promise to bankrupt the coal industry.

I'm certainly not in favor of government picking the winners and losers in the marketplace via such funding, but if you're going to spend the money, at least ensure that our American tax dollars are helping American taxpayers, for goodness sake!

This is an important election.  Don't hope that your family, friends and neighbors will see this ad or read a blog about it.  Spread the word - especially to those union workers with the bumper stickers that say "Out of a job yet?  Keep buying foreign."  Make sure they know that their union leaders are firmly and staunchly supporting Obama - and spending their union dues to help a President who is sending jobs overseas.


Mad Jack said...

Oh son of a bitch! That's right up there with treason. As bad a shape as the US is in our president is investing in the creation of foreign jobs? When unemployment is killing us here?

This is criminal.

-Sepp said...

How about those taxpayer millions that went toward his campaign donors...who funnelled much of it back into Obama's coffers and then quickly filed for bankruptcy...and taking the 5th when asked where the money went!

Nice little Thugocracy we've allowed to take root in D.C.

James said...

No TV ad debunking Obama's moves to ruin our country and turn it into a socialist banana republic can be strong enough. The Republicans better know to bring a gun to this gunfight, not a spaghetti noodle and kind words. Obama will fight dirty to the last vote is counted on Election Day. Do you understand that, Republican establishment?

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