Thursday, November 01, 2007

Campaign commercial review - City Council District #2

Toledo City Council District 2 candidate, Molly McHugh Branyan, has a campaign commercial running on local radio stations.

As she's running against the former president of the Toledo Police Patrolman's Association, D. Michael Collins, her choice of Sheriff Jim Telb to do her commercial makes a lot of sense from a strategic standpoint.

However, in focusing on safety, Telb says that Molly will keeps kids safe going to and from school - and while in school. Of course, there is nothing that Toledo City Council can do about keeping kids safe while in school - that's the role of the Toledo School Board which has seven candidates running for two seats.

Sadly, this major flaw detracts from what would otherwise be a good campaign commercial. Fortunately for Molly, very few people will recognize it.

*I do not live in District 2 and will not be voting on this race.


Roo said...

Unfortunately this type of campaign 'announcement' is becoming all too common.

The first thing about running for office is knowing the limitations and responsibilities of that office. And intervening in TPS policies has never been a responsibility of City Council to my knowledge.

Having met and talked with both of the candidates from Dist. 2 I can only say that both of them have some wonderful talent they can bring to the table. I'm glad I won't have to choose on that one.

**I don't live in Dist. 2**

-Sepp said...

I'd like to hear some examples of how Molly will "keep my kids safe to and from school"!
Is she getting a part time job as a bus driver?
I have not yet heard the radio spot but, I'm certain that it neglects to mention Molly's staunch support for the garbage fees.
Personally, I liked Molly when I met her but, was wary of her being on a string for Finkbeiner.

Maggie Thurber said...

-sepp, as a council member she can work toward more police coverage in and around schools during those hours. She can't promise it, but she can 'work toward' it...

Tim Higgins said...

Why should we be surprised at an appeal to our hearts instead of our heads? Why should we question the substance of Ms. Branyan's statements, when she shows such compassion?

... because as voters in a representative republic (you're not going to catch me calling this a democracy), this is our obligation.

Hooda Thunkit said...


I found using Sheriff Telb, although strategically sound, a bit odd.

And i felt that he come off as reading a script, more than wholeheartedly endorsing Molly.

-Sepp said...

Hooda is right about the use of Telb being odd. He's semi-known to most people but, his own department has more "errors" than any other county dept.
I would be wary of an endorsement from a guy who is in charge of a jail where there have been a few easy escapes, 2 employees in the last year caught importing drugs, a jail councilor bringing an inmate a bucket of chicken, a cell phone and loaded 9mm pistol and god knows how many releases that were made by mistake over the past few years...not exactly the kind of credentials I'd want telling people they are backing me for office!

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