Friday, November 02, 2007

Mobile Meals Wine Gala this weekend!

When I first ran for office, my name got added to a lot of mailing lists. One of the invitations we received was for the Mobile Meals Wine Gala and, since it sounded like lots of fun, my husband and I went.

And fun it was! We we so impressed by the people, the staff, the event and the format that we called them up and asked to volunteer to help out. That was in 1993 and we've been working with Mobile Meals since then.

Because of our schedules, it's always been hard to give of our time as well as our money - but Mobile Meals is the one organization we chose for giving of both. And we do not regret it.

I've had the honor of serving on their board (for the maximum six years allowed) and chaired, with a friend, the Wine Gala two years in a row. This is the 20th year that Mobile Meals has hosted the Wine Gala, their major fund-raising event. The evening starts with a wine tasting from multiple vendors, appetizers donated by various organizations and businesses, a silent auction of around 200 items and a live auction of fine wines - many of which you won't find anywhere else - dinner with wine, of course, and delectible desserts...oh - and dancing, too!

This year's event is tomorrow night, which means we'll be setting up most of the day and then enjoying. So if posts are absent this weekend, you'll know it's because we REALLY enjoyed all the wine! (designated driver excepted)

If you're looking for a great place to help out or volunteer, I'd ask you to consider Mobile Meals. And if you like a good party for a good cause, make sure to get your tickets for next year's event early!


Tim Higgins said...

Jeez Maggie, not much notice on an event that looks pretty interesting. I guess next year's event will have to do. Maybe you will give us a gentle reminder a bit earlier in th process.

Maggie Thurber said...

Sorry, Tim...and anyone else...things have been a bit hectic in my life these days. Promise to do better next year!

Tim Higgins said...

OK Maggie, I guess we can forgive you this one time.

Roo said...

Sorry I wasn't aware of this event! I love wine tastings and this sounds like a worthwhile cause. You will definitely have to post a notice earlier in the season next year! :)

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