Monday, November 26, 2007

Council to consider early renewal of 3/4% tax

Looks like Mayor Carty Finkbeiner wants to put the renewal of the 3/4% payroll income tax on the primary ballot March 4th, even though it doesn't expire until the end of 2008.

Perhaps the mayor is afraid it might not pass the first time around and wants to be sure there's a second opportunity to put it on the ballot in November?

This temporary tax was first approved in 1982 and has been successful each time at the ballot since then. Currently, the money is split with 1/6 to the capital improvements budget and 5/6 to the general fund. But, the mood is not the same as it was four years ago ... and passage of this tax is not as sure as it was in the past.

However, this being Toledo, expect doom and gloom scenarios of raging criminals with no police and homes burning to the ground because of a lack of fire fighters. And dutiful citizens who will give the elected officials all the money they need to spend on 'nice' things while necessities go wanting.

Again, how much are we borrowing because we don't have the money to finish the MLK Bridge?


Chad Quigley said...

While I understand they now hinge their operational budget on this tax, that's their fault. It is a complete disregard of the people and by the people that has let it come to this point.

I will not vote to renew this and I strongly feel they should lower it to a 1/4% and learn to live within their means. Taxing the crap out of people has proven a failure.

Robin said...

I can understand them wanting to be proactive. This is also an example of why a lot of people voted against the COSI tax. Once you get something on the tax rolls, it is next to impossible to get it off. And then it becomes expected.

It's kind of sneaky to put it on the primary ballot. A lot of voters don't show up for that election. I've nearly been turned away a couple times, because I don't declare a party.

Frank said...

I agree with Chad. Taxing is getting way out of hand and until they decide to live within their means, they should not get any more funding.
They can paint whatever picture they want on how things will be if it fails (police,fire, etc..).
Here is a thought...take a pay cut! After looking at the proposed budget (which was very lengthy) there seem to be some things that could be cut back or eliminated to reduce the city's budget.
But we will see what happens!

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