Monday, November 26, 2007

LivCom Results: Toledo is third

Toledo was one of seven finalists for the LivCom Awards in Category D, population of 200,001 – 750,000. Other finalists were:

* Edogawa City, Japan
* Lyon, France
* Malmo, Sweden
* Manukau, New Zealand
* Regional Municipality of Niagara, Canada
* Toledo, USA
* Wenjiang, PR China

Toledo finished in third place in the awards. Second place was Lyon, France. Winner was Malmo, Sweden.

Complete results are available at the above link.


Chad Quigley said...

He’s got to be crying in his Ale…LOL Of course we didn’t win. Much as I wish we were the “Most Liveable”, we’re not and we all know it. Close…horse shoes and hand granades. 3rd…. well, you’re right, at least it isn’t 4th, 5th. 2nd place is hard enough to accept, 3rd…ho hum.

-Sepp said...

47th most dangerous but, the 3rd most livable? THAT says a lot about the world we live in!

Jay Ott said...

If 25 ladies entered a pie baking contest at the county fair, but there were only three winners, does that mean the three winners bake the best pies in the world?

Of course not, since all the ladies in the entire world didn't enter the contest.

So how can this LivCom award be marketed and perceived (see the 2 articles in today's Blade) as Toledo being the third most liveable city in the world?

No it's not. It's the third most liveable cities out of the 7 entrants in a contest based on receiving points from meeting that criteria. That's all that it means.

Maggie Thurber said...

Actually, Jay, the 7 were the finalists. I couldn't find out how many cities entered the competition, as it wasn't listed anywhere on the LivCom website.

However, if I were a reporter, it's a question I would have asked quite some time ago.

But you are correct in your assessment. We are third out of all those that bothered to enter.

But the CRITERIA for the award is very interesting - and we'll be discussing it tonight on Eye On Toledo.

Hooda Thunkit said...


Jay's post poignantly points out exactly how trivial this "award" truly is.

Sorta like a beauty contest on a pig farm.

Kudos to Jay!

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