Monday, November 19, 2007

Pack neatly? Who are they kidding?

Yes, we are now being 'urged' by the TSA to pack neatly to reduce our time in line during the busy holiday travel season.

This, in addition to taking off our shoes, carrying very small bottles of liquids and face cream and deoderant...

Gotta tell ya - our lines would be greatly reduced if they looked for suspicious PEOPLE and BEHAVIOR instead of potentially dangerous toothpaste.

But to tell us to pack neatly??? Wonder if the 'powers that be' who issued this advice ever bothered to take a look at a bag after a TSA agent was finished rummaging through it?

Does this qualify as another anti-logic post? You decide.


Tim Higgins said...


As someone who travels far too much to suit me, I can tell you that the only time my checked bags are not neat is after TSA has rummaged through them.

I agree with you on suspicious people and am asking Santa to give TSA some common sense for Christmas. I suspect however that because of how bad they are, they will get a lump of coal.

Roo said...

When we flew to Boston I was very careful how I packed - it was VERY neat. By the time the TSA got done with rummaging through everything and wadding things up it looked like I had used the suitcase as a hoop while practicing jump shots.

Are these people for real??

-Sepp said...

The government is trying to gain controll of every other aspect of our lives so why be surprised they tell you how to pack? They already tell you what to pack.

Robin said...

Maybe they think they will just irritate the terrorist so much, that they won't want to get on the plane.

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