Monday, November 26, 2007

Extending 'no-wake' zones on the Maumee River

-Sepp, at Uncommon Squalor, has a great post about an upcoming vote of Toledo City Council on extending the no-wake zone from the downtown area up river past all the boat clubs.

This will definitely have a negative impact on the boaters and their visitors - people who actually spend money in the area.

I'm awaiting a copy of the legislation and will update this post once it's received. Until then, I'm wondering if this will get a 'not business friendly' tag...


Chad Quigley said...

Yup...go ahead and tag it!

-Sepp said...

For council to even give this issue consideration is a tell-all that they are clueless about economics and how one small change in policy can effectively cost a few million in lost revenue. It seems that Toledo's leadership always takes the "let's do it anyways just to see what happens" approach to our economy...always to see things go to pot in the end.

Brian Maxson said...

Now since when did the Maumee River get manatees?

No wake zone in a river with concrete and steel on both sides.

How was Toledo able to function lo these past 100 years without a "no-wake zone"?

Robin said...

Doesn't make any sense to me. People should do more research before they buy property. Instead of trying to change things for everyone else, when they find something they don't like.

Hooda Thunkit said...


Does the condo area not have seawall protection, or do they have a "beach" that they wish to protect instead?

What ever happened to last one in adapting to the preexisting conditions?

Of course, installing a seawall would likely make wading in and "bobbing with the turds" a bit more problematic, now wouldn't it?


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