Monday, September 15, 2008

Light postings this week

I'll be filling in for Brian Wilson on the Afternoon Drive (3-6 p.m. on NewsTalk 1370 WSPD), so my postings may be a bit light as I focus on preparing for the show.

You can always listen live if you need your daily dose of Thurber's Thoughts.


The A-Hole Lawyer said...

Extreme Makeover Cynicism.

I truly enjoy the show - I have changed my purchasing habits to use companies such as Sears who support the show. But I find myself becoming more cynical, and I predicted this to a co-worker.

"The University of Toledo is offering full scholarships for all 11 boys — with a potential value of more than $250,000 — and Lourdes College will give scholarships of $2,000 per year, per child, renewable for four years."

UT - a PUBLIC UNIVERSITY - IE funded by TAXES giving away 11 scholarships based solely on the fact that these children made it on TV. Lourdes - GREAT - private university. Private citizens or a private company raising or donating a fund for college - EVEN BETTER. But, for UT to give these away is wrong.

Come all ye haters and attackers - I know your out there. It is situations like this which pit my sympathy and empathy against my political ideology and economic philosophy which make for the best debate.

Maggie Thurber said...

I'm guessing that the scholarships for the kids are coming out of the foundation funds - not the operating budget of UT. But you raise a good point...

Another point made during my show yesterday was that a local company (TNT Rescue Services?) donated money to purchase equipment for the fire station where the father works.

Nice gesture, but what did it buy? A 'jaws of life.'

And why? because they didn't have one at that station. Shouldn't every fire station have such equipment????

We've got the money to take over private ambulance service, but no money to furnish basic life-saving equipment to each fire station.

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