Sunday, September 28, 2008

UPDATED! What happened to the search for truth?

As I have a degree in journalism, I often go back to what I was taught in school about reporting versus opining and the ideal that journalism and media reporting was all about the search for the truth: to report the facts absent our own personal biases and to be sure to get both sides, never just accepting the words a person says without checking their veracity.

One of my personal pet peeves is when reporters 'quote' individuals who are, in fact, telling lies. When confronted with the facts that prove the lie, the reporters' standard retort is, 'it's an accurate quote.' Of course the quote is accurate, but the quote is a lie and, without any verification on behalf of the reporter, the lie becomes the truth because, obviously, if it wasn't true, the paper would have included the facts, right?

Magnify that a thousand-fold and you've got what's going on in today's main stream media - or lame stream media, as one of my fellow bloggers calls it.

Today I sent out an email link to a video I thought my fellow State of Ohio Alliance bloggers might want to see. It's from one of my fellow Samsphere blogs, Red State, and it details the way Democrats defended Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac against increased scrutiny and additional oversight.

DarkeGOP blog also saw the video and decided to add it as part of the comments on an ABC news story about the issue. His comments were deleted.

What is ABC so afraid of? That people might actually know the truth?

Or that they will be caught ignoring it?

Spread the word! Go out and make your own comment on the ABC website, including the link to the video...let's see just how badly they want to keep that video from the news!

UPDATE: Just got an email from a friend who, after reading my blog, went out to the ABC blog site and posted a comment with the link. The comment remains, but ABC removed the link. My friend also posted on a second story and the link was removed from that one as well. There was another post that just listed the name of the referenced video, by a user named 'cultural amnesia,' but that post is also missing.

What is it they don't want you to know?


Publius said...

You commanded, I have obeyed. Let's see if my comment gets removed.

Publius said...

Here is what it says now:

An error occurred...
We're sorry, your comment has not been published because TypePad's antispam filter has flagged it as potential comment spam. It has been held for review by the blog's author.

Cynical Counsel said...

Truth in media?

The moderator for the VP debate this week has a pro-Obama book coming out this year.



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