Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Palin speech prediction

I predict that Gov. Sarah Palin will answer her critics on her experience level.

The role of a mayor of a small town requires many of the same things needed in the White House: hiring and establishing a cabinet, preparing budgets, making policy decisions based upon what's best for the community/nation, working with legislators, being the public spokesman for the community. The role of governor also requires the ability - and responsibility - to do these things as well...things neither Obama nor Biden have done. And no - being a 'community organizer' or running a campaign don't count as equivalents, especially when running a campaign is what Palin had to do to earn the ability to perform those duties.

I hope she'll have a few words to the elitists who seem to think that a she's unqualified because she's not part of the establishment. Perhaps not being part of the 'logic-free zone' of Washington D.C. is exactly what makes her 'qualified.'

I also hope she'll use humor to counter the attacks on her and her family, on her ability to be a mother and an elected official (something Dems never seem to have an issue of - and where are all those liberal feminists who should be defending Palin in that regard?), on her appearance and all the other non-relevant points her opponents and media pundits have been throwing around. Poking fun at them for their double standard and banality would certainly resonate with the American public.

Those are my predictions and hopes for her speech tonight. We'll watch and see.

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