Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where's a police car when you need one?

Well, if you're in Toledo, they're on southbound I-75 between the Michigan State Line and Interstate 280. At least, that's where they've been for the last week or so.

Going to the station at 2 p.m. last week as I filled in for Brian Wilson and the afternoon drive, there were usually 6 cars doing targeted speed enforcement in this area. They were gone by the time I came home at 6.

Tonight, on my way home from the station there 8 - yes, 8 - police cars catching speeders. Now, the fact that they were catching speeders is a good thing - and the city probably has a traffic enforcement grant to cover the expense of doing this. And the city certainly needs the money from the traffic fines.

But 8 cars sitting on the expressway could make many residents wonder if the city might have their priorities a bit off when you've got so many who complain about a lack of neighborhood patrols.

Of course, it's not the officers' fault that they're out there, but if you're one of those people who can't get a patrol car to come out and take a report about something stolen, it could make you a bit angry. And rightfully so.

So if you're planning on heading South on I-75 - watch out!


Carol said...

I fully understand the frustration of the public with this seemingly wasteful assignment of patrol cars. I've had those feelings myself.

But, in all honesty, if there is a grant provided to perform this speed trap operation, then it is up to the city to use it or lose it.

Personally ... I wish the police would stop every one of those Michigan cars that come heading down I-75 doing 90+ mph and educate them as to some etiquette on Ohio's highways. I'm tired of having them tailgate me when I'm already doing 65-70 and flashing their lights at me like they are something special.

There is no surefire cure for this problem, that's a given. Just be mindful of the speed ... don't want to have to bail ya out! :)

Maggie said...

That would make sense, Carol, except all the cars I saw stopped had Ohio plates!


GraphicsGuy said...

Since the response times are down, Toledo can afford to put a couple....ah..a few....okay, SEVERAL cars out to catch some income...err..I mean speeders.

Now come on! We DO believe Chief Navarre.

Don't we?

Cynical Counsel said...

This is apparently an on-going or annual tactic.... below is an excerpt from my Sept. 27, 2007 blog entry............seem familiar?

Cops and Dollars

FIRST - as a former police officer (my asshole roots run deep) let me say I am a big fan of cops. The issue I have today relates to TAX DOLLARS, force managment, and how they are used to keep our citizens safe.

Three days ago, in the evening time after leaving the Asshole factory, I was behind a gaggle of TPS bike patrol cops. They were rolling 6 deep, north on Madison. I understand strength in numbers, especially for bike patrol cops, but my first thought was SIX! C'mon.

Yesterday I drove south on I-75 from Michigan into Ohio. I saw two TPS cruisers parked on the Alexis Rd. ramp, monitoring traffic for speeders, likely aided by an air unit. That did not bother me. I realize the need to control traffic and promote safety through speed and other highway enforcement, and I know solid traffic enforcement leads to the discovery of lots of other CRIME.

But, as I continued south I saw SIX MORE TPD UNITS, in the process of conducting traffic stops. That brought the total number of units doing noon-time traffic on I-75 southbound to 8! C'mon...........

As Maggie pointed out, in a time of reduced resources (federal grants aside), closing sub-stations, and street crime increases........lets manage our force a little better.


Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


Those crews are usually extra officers on O.T. and are usually using Grant $$$$ and are aided by an OSP plane/chopper calling out the speeders from on high.

It's a case of, "here it is, do you want to play or don't you?"

Besides, think of all of those fines; more "play money" for His Dishonor to fritter away. . .

Maggie said...


I know, Hooda...

But that would mean the whole discussion of paying our tax dollars to the Feds for them to take their percentage off the top and return the leftovers to us to do what THEY decide needs to be done.

We'd all be better off if we just kept those tax dollars locally for our own priorities rather than the process they go through today.

Wonder what would happen if every governmental jurisdiction just told the feds "no thanks" - now reduce our taxes????

Impossible? One can dream...

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