Thursday, September 04, 2008

Mandatory sick leave pulled from Ohio's ballot

From Gongwer's News Service:

A coalition pushing a ballot initiative that would have provided seven days of paid sick leave for certain Ohio workers said Thursday it will remove the issue from the fall ballot.

Service Employees International Union District 1199 President Becky Williams said the Coalition for Healthy Families will ask to have the proposal taken off the ballot.

Ms. Williams said the decision "was not easy nor made lightly," but was reached after "it became clear that a shrill and vitriolic ballot campaign marred by misinformation and disinformation would be impossible to avoid."

SEIU has been a primary force in pushing the issue that would provide the annual benefit for Ohioans who work for companies with more than 25 employees.

Ms. Williams was to appear at a morning event with Gov. Ted Strickland and U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown to discuss the matter.

Earlier in the summer, Mr. Strickland looked to broker a deal between backers and key opponents in the business community, but couldn't forge a compromise that would have required legislative action. He and Lt. Governor Lee Fisher subsequently said they would oppose the proposal that has been designated as Issue 4.

This is good news, indeed!!!!


Carol said...

This is probably some of the best news Ohio has had in quite some time.

I truly don't think the proponents of this issue were aware (or willing to admit) the devastation that this bill would have caused. Smaller businesses would have closed at record rates and the unemployment rates would have gotten even worse.

A business should be permitted to operate under the best business model for their particular situation. Without intrusion of this sort.

I'm tickled pink about this decision.

Timothy W Higgins said...


As someone who was violently in opposition to this misguided bunch of nonsense, this is good news indeed. I might even be willing to accpet all of the charges leveled by this union president if it means that this goes away.

Having done this, I have to ask how a Union president can do such a thing if this was to be of such benefit to everyone and not just union members? When did the president of a union ever think of anyone other than their members? Why was the SEIU the prime mover behind this initiative when their sick days are negotiated by contract?

Oh sorry, such questions of her possible ulterior motives would probably be called shrill and vitriolic. On the other hand, any answers that she might give would surely fall under the category of misinformation and disinformation.

navyvet said...

When will Unions and Ohio Politicians quit pounding nails in the coffin containing "Business in Ohio?"

Thanx for the time out!

Next...try at the Federal level so everyone can feel our pain.

Employers should eliminate all "benefits." Increase pay....then employees can spend the new $ on "benefits" of their choosing.

David Adams said...


I realize you are just quoting here, but it is important to point out that the initiative wouldn't have "provided" anything and would have actually compelled businesses -- and consumers -- to do the providing.

Maggie said...

David - I've done so many posts on what a bad law this would have been and every post on it has the tag of 'not business friendly.' Your point has been made on my blog in those previous posts...but thanks for reminding us!

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