Friday, February 06, 2009

Full court press for the 'porkulus' bill

Knowing that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Bill is in trouble, various groups and individuals are urging citizens to support passage of the pork-laden spending plan.

Gov. Ted Strickland authored a plea for support to "community leaders" saying that without the stimulus bill, Ohio's budget is in danger, especially 'the children.'

I've been outspoken in my opposition to all the bailouts, so it should come as no surprise to readers of this blog that I oppose a bailout of the states as well - no matter what they call it in Columbus and Washington.

The Cato Institute has a great publication, "10 Reasons to Oppose a Stimulus Package for the States," that expresses much of my beliefs on the subject. It also emphasizes that accepting a bailout goes against the long-held belief by state residents that their state should live within its means and exercise fiscal restraint. As proof, there are some states who oppose the bailouts because they have done just that and don't want tax dollars from their citizens going to reward other states for their overspending.

In light of the full court press for the porkulus, call Senator George Voinovich and tell him no on the bill, no on any compromise, no on any negotiation, no on the long-term debt this will create.

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Tim Higgins said...


Why wouldn't our fair governor author a plea to get this bill through ASAP. Like far too many, he stands with his hand out, waiting for government to wash clean the sins of years of fiscal mismanagement.

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