Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One question for Konop as he starts business listening tour

Lucas County Commissioner Ben Konop has issued the following press release and I have only one question for him in response: If you're so concerned about the opinions of businesses, why are you completely ignoring what they're telling you about your living wage proposal?

Konop Talking With Toledo Area Small Businesses
Seeks regional business community input as he moves toward mayoral decision

Contact: Ben Konop

As I continue to think seriously about running for Mayor of Toledo, I want to engage the members of our regional small business community in a grassroots conversation on our present and future economy. Over the next two days, I will visit nine area small businesses --ranging from high tech start ups to industrial firms to cupcake vendors-- for discussions with entrepreneurs about the challenges and potential of doing business in our community.

Small businesses create the majority of jobs in Northwest Ohio, and these jobs aren't outsourced overseas. Often times, however, small business needs and concerns are overlooked at Government Center. When it comes to making our city a better place, I want to consult those who matter most -- like the men and women who are fueling our economy and creating jobs on a daily basis.

Coming from a family of small business owners, I am uniquely positioned to understand the challenges that these businesses face on a daily basis. If our community is going to get its economy back on track again and create jobs, the mayor's office and the small business community will have to work hand in hand.

I am hopeful that my discussion with Toledo small businesses will not only give me guidance as I decide on running for mayor, but more importantly give local businesses a voice and a stake in the future of our community.

Konop's Talking With Toledo Area Small Businesses Tour (9 stops over 2 days):

Wednesday, Feb 18

Techtol Imaging
3359 Silica Dr, Sylvania

Red Envy Boutique
3145 W. Central Ave, Toledo

Cake in a Cup
6801 W. Central Ave, Sylvania

Kistler Ford Dealership
5555 W. Central Ave, Toledo

Thursday, Feb 19

Paulettes Studio of Dance
10 S. Holland-Sylvania Road, Toledo

Aunt Minnies Food****
12265 Williams St Suite B, Perrysburg

We Fulfill It/ Wrap n Ship
5055 Enterprise Blvd, Toledo

Universal Metals
805 Chicago, Toledo

Virtual PC
19 N. Erie, Toledo

****we respectfully ask that media not attend this stop

Side Notes: if you don't want the media to attend one of the stops, don't put it on the schedule! To have a scheduled visit on the list and then ask the media not to attend raises more questions than it answers. It may be that the business owner just doesn't want media at their facility and that's certainly their prerogative. But you don't raise such questions and, perhaps, embarrass your host into explaining the request, by listing it and then asking people not to stop by.

Also, notice how many are outside the city of Toledo limits???

Finally, I have to question this: "Coming from a family of small business owners, I am uniquely positioned to understand the challenges that these businesses face on a daily basis." According to his own biography he's never worked in any of the small business his family owns, nor has he actually run or been responsible for a small business in order to 'understand.' (In case it's updated later to reflect such employment, I've saved a copy of how it appears as of this blog post.)


2Bn11FA said...

Oh who is he trying to kid? He is running for mayor.

I would like to help him though, Maggie you mentioned the number of meetings outside of Toledo...I might mention that one is outside of Lucas County even.

I wonder if he would be happy if the Wood County Commissioners would go into Lucas County to ask questions of those businesses?

He is a joke...kinda like the Bee Gees' song, "I started a Joke". Maybe he can bring the city together to get rid of him like in the song.

skeeter1107 said...

There are a number of things that pop into my head when I hear that Ben is going on a "magical mystery listening tour."

Well, since none of the businesses listed are mine, Just for fun, let's all pretend that Ben came to see me. It would go something like this.

"Hi Mr. Skeeter, I'm Ben Konop your county commissioner."

"Hello Mr. Konop, may I get you something to drink, your voice sounds raspy."

"No thanks Mr. Skeeter, this is how I normally makes me sounds older don't you think?"

"No, I think it makes you sound raspy. By the way, is it true that Pete Gerkin once said he was a communist? Nevermind. Hey do you think Tina signs her checks Skeldon Wozniak? off track."

"So what brings you to my business today Mr. Konop?"

"Well first off, call me Ben. My Dad is Mr. Konop. I'd like to hear your ideas about what politicians should do to create jobs and make Toledo and Lucas County a cool place?"

"You can call me Skeeter. But I have no idea what you just asked me. Cool what?"

"You know Skeeter, Toledo and Lucas County would be a cool place to live and work."

"Sorry, you lost me there Ben."

"Okay Ben, here's an idea. I'll explain it this way. You ran for a job as County Commissioner. Do that job in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Stay within the boundaries of the law of the State of Ohio. Nothing else."

"How is that cool Skeeter?"

"It isn't Ben. You ran for an administrative job and got it. Ben put down that paperweight. Thanks Ben, just because it's shiny doesn't mean you can play with it. Okay back to your questions. Didn't you read the job description before you ran or was it just the money you saw?"

"No Skeeter....I could change Lucas County and then Toledo."

"Ben, sure you don't need some water. Here let me explain it this need to stop trying to think up stupid shit because you are bored. Stick to the job description Ben."

"Come on Skeeter! What about my county poet, my art loan program, my Earned Income Tax credit messages?"

"Ben, I rest my case. Wait! Aren't you an attorney by training? You just made my case for me."

"Okay Ben I'm sorry. Let me answer your question. Don't do anything. I'll repeat it. Don't do anything. Do what the job says in the statutes. That's it."

"Oh one more thing. Personal advice. Just because you don't agree with someone, doesn't mean you have a press conference."

"Thank you Skeeter. I hope to incorporate your valuable advice into my listening tour."

"Ben, I along with thousands of other business people in this county sincerely hope you do listen. Thanks Ben for stopping by. Now back to work...same for you too Ben."

dusty said...

Skeeter, you are too funny.

I had to laugh when I heard Ben was thinking about running for mayor. But the damn thing is Toledo voted Carty in three times, Jack Ford served a term, They voted Skippy into the Treasurers office, and Marcy Kaptur will die in her position. I'm starting to think that people in Toledo ain't so bright.

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