Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Global warming or freezing?

Even the 'experts' don't know...which is why it's now called 'climate change' because regardless of temperature, it's still a way to increase government control and increase taxes...

What brought up this dose of sarcasm? Two headlines on the Drudge Report, right next to each other (as of 10 a.m.):

90% of USA forecast to freeze tonight: Florida in the icebox...

Obama's Energy Sec. issues dire climate prediction: 'No more agriculture in California... I don't actually see how they can keep cities going'...

Now, if - just if - the temperatures in California rise so much that certain crops won't grow, isn't it likely that some of our northern states would also warm up enough to grow those same crops, but in a different state? It's not like California would be the only state to 'suffer' from global warming.

Wouldn't the impact just be that our crops would shift north in terms of where they're grown? Personally, I'd LOVE to grow pineapples and coconuts in Toledo - and I could certainly do with less of the 7-degree temperatures and -10 wind chills (which is what it is at the time I'm writing).

But that's just me.

Yes, yes...the earth does go through climate change. Obviously this is true otherwise we wouldn't have the Great Lakes which were formed by glaciers, as evidenced by the grooves on our various Lake Erie Islands. But it's not like man or anything that we do is really going to stop the cyclical changes this magnificent planet goes through.

And it's certainly true that anything government does about it will be much less effective than ... well, ... just about anything.


2Bn11FA said...


I totally believe in climate change it is happening all around us...we are just too dense to open our eyes and see it. BEWARE - Global Warming is coming soon...or as I like to say it, Spring is coming! ;-)

Frank said...

I think this whole global warming is a joke. Everything has a "season" and recently we had a warming trend around the world. The fact that the government thinks they can control that is just another excuse to spend our tax dollars.
I too am looking forward to spring and some warmer temps.

Mad Jack said...

I concur with 2Bn11FA in part. The scientific community agrees that the climate is changing, but it's the impact that the inhabitants and industry is having on the change that is being argued. Even if the scientific community could agree on the cause and the changes needed to reverse the climate change, it might not make a bit of difference. Consider what might happen if, in order to reverse the climate change the Allies (the usual suspects) had to:

Stop producing electricity by burning petroleum products, including coal.

Cut internal combustion engine pollution by 95%

Restore the tropical rain forest to its original size

Force third world countries to adopt and enforce identical policies

Give everyone who owns and operates a sailboat automatic immunity to any and all taxation for the rest of their natural lives (why not?)

The last item may be a bit far fetched, however the first two could be accomplished in the US, while just halting the destruction of the tropical rain forest would require military force. I don't know how the Allies would force third world countries to capitulate to a host of environmental laws.

Maggie Thurber said...

Give everyone who owns and operates a sailboat automatic immunity to any and all taxation for the rest of their natural lives (why not?)

Woo Hoo! being a sailor, I'm very much in favor of that!

Oh - and I do know how to dock a sailboat without using an engine...something I learned when younger that most sailors cannot do these days...

2Bn11FA said...

Regarding the sailboat issues, given that we have blown past the point of no return on this climate change thing (I heard that from somewhere) I think the prudent man would just naturally purchase a sailboat because the land is going to vanish due to the increased sea-levels coming our way. OMG, that movie Water World is actually coming true! what will we do now??? (please forgive my sarcasm, I sometimes can't control myself)

Tim Higgins said...


There is little doubt that climate change is occuring. The real questions are:

1. In which direction is it changing?
2. How much impact do human beings have on that change?
3. How much impact, if they are the cause, can they effect to change it?
4. How much of the scare currently going on is a government plot to control more of the economy of the world?
5. How much what is being portrayed as a need to reverse the impact of climate change is being used by those seeking to profit from the panic?
6. If this is truly science, how can the discussion of "facts" ever be over when new ones are coming in all of the time?

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