Friday, February 06, 2009

I don't want to work...

The song "Bang on the Drum," by Todd Rundgren, keeps going through my head as I look at the blue sky and bright sun.

I don't want to work
I want to bang on the drum all day

And it's Friday, too, which makes the feeling even worse...

But, alas, the cold weather means work is actually a viable alternative to banging on a drum all day. So...

Here's a round-up of some interesting stories:

Cassy Fiano has a great post about transparency - or lack thereof - in the Obama administration. She's added a video of Press Secretary Robert Gibbs dismissing a question on access to records and then asking the reporter if he had a 'more pertinent' question. Reporter Jake Trapper then bangs Gibbs upside the head by declaring his quest for transparency 'fairly pertinent.'

Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow is banging on the Fairness Doctrine, by calling it 'accountability' and a 'set of standards.' Of course, she fails to mention her clear conflict of interest during the linked interview. You see, her husband, Tom Anthans, is the former executive vice president of Air America's syndication division and previously ran Democracy Radio, another liberal talk radio upstart, which folded in 2005. In the spring of last year, Athans announced his new venture, Talk USA Radio, though I could find nothing on the Internet about its status today.

No wonder she wants to push for 'balance' ....

Americans are banging up on the so-called stimulus package (aka: porkulus). Rasmussen reports in their latest poll that support for the bill continues to fall with only 37% now in favor. Of course, President Obama is trying to scare us into believing that without the bill, we're doomed, so it needs to be passed right away. However, many people are beginning to think that the rush is just so we don't find out what's really in the bill - like insurance exemptions for companies that make boats bigger than 65 feet in length.

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