Saturday, May 02, 2009

'9 is Fine' - the push to reduce city council

This in via email from District 6 Councilwoman Lindsay Webb:

Kick off of the “9 is Fine” City Council Reorganization Petition

Following through on her proposal to reduce the size of Toledo City Council, Councilwoman Lindsay Webb will formally announce the 9 is Fine Campaign on Saturday May 2nd at 2:00 p.m. in front of the Safety Building in downtown Toledo.

Webb will be joined by Councilman Tom Waniewski from District 5, as well as Dave Schulz, leader of Toledo COBRA (Citizens Organized to Bring Reform and Accountability). Webb states, “There is no better time to than now to bring this question to the voters. The reorganization will lead to better representation, more effective government and save precious tax dollars that can be used to maintain some of our police officers.”

The change to super-districts from at-large councilmen will correct the under-representation that half the city faces. Currently, nine of the twelve members live west of a line approximately demarcated by Douglas Road.

“Many city councils in cities of our size and larger have fewer members than we do. It is time every department, including city council, downsizes to match our loss in population and revenue,” Dave Schulz notes.

Information on the campaign, including a comparison of our council size with other major Ohio cities by population, as well as how citizens can get involved can be found at

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Roman said...

I do not think the size of the City Council is the problem; the quality of the people who are on council is.

My last e-mail to council was addressed to each one, not just cc, out of the 11 sent, I received only one reply (Mike Collins), who does not even represent my district (5).

I did not expect a detailed reply, but a simple form type response does not seem like too much. At the minimum, acknowledge receipt of my communication.

As long as the same type of people keep getting on council, the results will be the same. Where you live does not guarantee doing the right thing for the city.

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