Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Encouraging signs from America's campuses

Quite often I look around and get rather discouraged at what I see happening with our young people. Teaching them moral relativism to the 'superiority' of Marxism while neglecting the basic principles upon which this nation was founded is creating a generation that is more interested in their feelings than in facts, reason, logic or even thinking.

But then I come across something that makes me think all is not lost.

Ashley Herzog has two columns that show reason is not yet dead on America's campuses. In Socialism, College Style, she takes a look at applying the socialist 'spread-the-wealth' concept to grades...much to the surprise of students who willingly embrace the idea when it comes to money but reject it when it actually applies to them and their grades.

She follows up with Part II, applying the concept to the way professors run their classrooms - exposing the hypocrisy of what is taught versus what is practiced.

Then there is Dr. Mike Adams, a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, who seems to be the lone conservative voice crying in the wilderness of political correctness and socialism in our university systems. His most recent column, however, is what gives me encouragement.

In Revolt in East Lansing, he writes about a group of Michigan State University instructors who have formed The Conservative Faculty and Staff at MSU to "protect and defend the values articulated in the Declaration of Independence here at Michigan State University."

That college professors are beginning to speak out for their ideals and for the free exchange of ideas and concepts in what is supposed to be an open forum and 'safe' place to do so, is just fantastic. I, like Dr. Adams, hope this idea catches like wildfire and spreads to all American campuses.

Maybe it's not so discouraging after all....

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