Thursday, May 28, 2009

Controversy over dinner sponsored by local Republican clubs

Last night on Eye On Toledo, I mentioned some of the rumors swirling around about the plans for a Lincoln-Hayes Dinner sponsored by the area Republican clubs.

While no one would go on the record, multiple individuals confirmed that the term 'lawsuit' was used in discussions with the local party chairman, Jon Stainbrook. Additionally, the term 'injunction' was used in reference to the speeches two state-wide candidates were invited to give.

From what I've been told, the issue is about the name of the event with the claim that only the Lucas County Republican Party can host a 'Lincoln' dinner.

Since my involvement with the local Republican Party, they have hosted a Lincoln Day dinner as a major fundraiser for the party itself. Proceeds have always been used to fund the operations of the party (rent, utilities, etc.) and to support candidates (slate cards, etc.). Throughout the nation, 'Lincoln Day' dinners are hosted by local parties, state parties, clubs and even individuals. These dinners are traditionally held in the spring, but the LCRP has not yet scheduled one for this year (though some people did get phone calls asking about their plans to attend one once it had been scheduled). To my knowledge, Lucas County has never used the name "Lincoln-Hayes" for any of their dinners in the last 20 years.

Here is the press release I received from the Fallen Timbers Republican Club:

May 28,2009
For Immediate Release to the Media

In regards to the charity event planned Fallen Timbers Republican Club releases the following statement to the media:

Since last summer I have been involved in many discussions regarding the need for reaching out to the other clubs and possibly having gatherings of all the clubs in Lucas County. The goal being to bring like-minded individuals together so that they could engage in fellowship, share ideas and help candidates.

The conversations I have been involved in reflect on filling a void in our county, the need to build unity in the party. To create a stronger bond among Lucas County Republicans. All of the area Republican Clubs have come together to collaborate and sponsor this event. We at the Fallen Timbers Republican Club are honored to be included. To clarify this event was not intended to exclude anyone and Chairman Stainbrook was sent an invitation along with hundreds of others that were mailed out last week.

In planning this event a greater cause was considered. Our area is suffering economically and if this event could have a greater purpose than a republican gathering - then it was our duty to do so. The food banks in our area are also suffering from these hard economic times, so it wasn't a great stretch to decide that our "dinner event" could in turn provide many dinners for others. I would hope that all of the threats of lawsuits don't end up literally taking the food out of hungry Toledoan's mouths.

I am reluctant to give out event details until some legalities/negotiations have been finalized. I will however say that the Fallen Timbers Republican Club stands ready to change the name of the event if that's what it will take to appease. I don't see this as a defeat, it is merely a bump we face in traveling along the "high road". The events purpose was not to upset or oust anyone. It was to have a county-wide republican gathering and a charity event. I hope that the State Senator Jon Husted and Delaware County Prosecutor Dave Yost will still honor us with their attendance.

I respectfully request that everyone take a moment and reflect the motives of all involved, to rise above personal feelings and do what is the best for the republican's and the Toledo Seagate Foodbank.


Christine Seles
FTRC President

So why would this be an issue? Good question - and I don't have the answer, though many people I spoke to have plenty of speculations.

I hope the clubs will find a way to go forward with this event, as I believe it would be good - for local Republicans as well as the food bank.


Tim Higgins said...


Perhaps the spirit of leadership that Mr Stainbrook has shown, and in this case is showing, speaks volumes as to why so few announced Republicans appear to be running in the coming election.

After a failed attempt to take over the Tea Party movement, this behavior becomes merely another "Stain" on an already tarnished record.

Tricia said...

Are you kidding me????? Another threat of a law suit because of a dinner??? OMG. This character is simply beyond delusional.

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