Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Follow up on TARTA board members

I received an email from a friend who lives in Sylvania and she informed me that the Township named a new representative to the TARTA board last year.

Troy Stevenson, who replaced the former TARTA board president and Sylvania Township rep James Bohn, has been rather diligent in reporting back to Sylvania Township about the goings-on at TARTA. You can see his report from the Dec. 1, 2011, TARTA board meeting here.

Strangely, there is nothing in his report about the lack of a 2010 audit nor the imminent declaration by the Auditor of State that the TARTA books are 'unauditable.' Perhaps that wasn't discussed and, as a new member, it wouldn't occur to him that the agency hadn't completed its audit. Of course, considering, as I've said previously, that being put on the State Auditor's 'unauditable' list doesn't come as a surprise, everyone should be demanding an explanation from James Gee as to WHY that issue wasn't discussed at the December TARTA board meeting.

Since he's new, I won't include him in my call to replace all TARTA board members.

Hopefully, now that the financial debacle at TARTA is public, he'll earn the support of his community by holding TARTA - and his fellow board members - accountable.

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