Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hey NAACP - Who's side are you on?

This is National School Choice Week and, as part of my support for kids being able to have the schooling that meets their needs regardless of their zip code, I'm sharing with you this article and video, produced by ChoiceMedia.TV

The Story of How the NY NAACP Sued Charter Schools Serving Black Kids

As school choice becomes more integrated into the fabric of American public education, teachers unions have been using a new tactic to fight these reforms: the lawsuit. And it’s making for strange bedfellows.

The United Federation of Teachers, the New York City teachers union, joined forces with the New York State NAACP in a lawsuit to evict charter schools from buildings shared with traditional district schools. This despite the high percentage of students of color that attend the city’s public charter schools.

Why would the NAACP agree to sue the very charter schools that were providing so many black kids with a high quality education?

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-Sepp said...

Educated kids grow up and can tell when they're being scammed or, used as political props. They also don't need a special rights organization to "advance" them since they become smart enough to advance themselves.

The NAACP isn't in the business of helping anyone to become independent of needing the NAACP.

To answer your question, the NAACP is on the NAACP's side.

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