Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Me, too! Me, too!

From WSPD News:

The city of Toledo has a new deal with the Fire Chiefs Association. The agreement is the end to the first of four negotiations for new contracts in divisions of Police and Fire. Toledo City Council unanimously approved a fact-finding report calling for concessions from the Toledo Fire Chiefs Association that included: A wage freeze until January 2014 with a possible increase in 2013, elimination of the city's pension pick-up, which will be phased out gradually over the three year contract, and increased employee contributions to health insurance.The report also has new bargaining rules: If the city declares "exigent circumstances," the union must go back to the table and bargain.The Fire Chiefs Association approved the terms last week, despite a union spokesperson saying that the concessions will cost every member $17,000 per year. The city could save millions of dollars if similar concessions hold for all of those unions.

All I want to know now, is when do the other unions follow the 'me-too' clauses in their contracts and take these concessions as well??

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