Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quote of the Day - 2012 Election

Victor David Hanson has a great column on Pres. Barack Obama and his lawlessness. I hope you'll read the entire article.

What makes Barack Obama a different president is not his racial heritage, his liberal outlook, or his mellifluous cadences, but rather the banal idea that the United States is fundamentally in need of this sort of radical change, and that only a select few like himself have the insight and skills necessary to both implement and preside over it. We simply have not seen that redistributive ideology in a president since Jimmy Carter, and then only in part. So far the biggest edge for Obama is his inability to push more of his agenda through first a friendly and now a not-so-friendly Congress — as if to say, “How could I be a redistributionist when they did not let me redistribute as planned?”

The fulfillment of that old vision of mandated equality of result is what the 2012 election is about — nothing more, nothing less.

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Chattyb said...

Obama's campaign response to "Joe the Plumber" should have sealed the deal for voters. After a presidential candidate has bluntly announced his allegiance to a form of government alien to the Republic we have (had), there is really nothing more to evaluate in his performance. His ideology is the main thing; nuts don't fall far from the ideology tree. You can be sure that most of Obama's actions in office will be directed toward achieving his socialistic vision for America. The biggest problem is that more people are not outraged at this, a fact that stems from their lack of understanding as to what a socialistic America would offer them, namely loss of personal freedom. That's just for starters. There's needs to be a earth-shaking movement in America to educate the masses on our form of government, a Republic, not a democracy, with capitalism as our economic system, contrasting it to other failed forms. This youthful acceptance of socialism shows that much is lacking in our educational system. They are being brain-washed, not educated.

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