Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Quote of the Day - security vs. liberty

"We must pity the poor wretched, timid soul who is too faint-hearted to resist his oppressors. He sings the song of the dammed: “I can’t fight back; I have too much to lose; I own too much property; I have worked too hard to get what I have; They will put me out of business if I resist; I might go to jail; I have my family to think about.” Such poor miserable creatures have misplaced values and are hiding their cowardice behind pretended family responsibility -- blindly refusing to see that the most glorious legacy that one can bequeath to posterity is liberty; and that the only true security is liberty." ~ Marvin Cooley

1 comment:

vangofer said...

Methinks that these must be the thoughts of the primary voters in Florida who voted for Romney. Can't ruffle things up too much. I have a lot at stake.

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