Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ultimate red light camera question for Toledo City Council

Actually, this question would apply to any entity that wants to install red light or speed cameras. Feel free to demand an answer of your elected officials!

If these cameras are for "safety" then where are the traffic engineering studies you did on each intersection documenting the safety issues and potential solutions???

When they don't have any traffic engineering studies that document the safety issues at the intersections ask a follow-up question: Then why are you implementing a 'solution' when you don't even know what the 'problem' is???

Obviously, this is all about the money and asking this question will clearly demonstrate that fact.

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Chuck Greer said...

Maggie, what made the "money first" aspect of this all too clear was the fact that not only was there no traffic engineering data but that they had a figure ($300K+ I seem to recall?) for the budget. This is clearly just a revenue stream; they are planning on having a certain number of tickets and a certain level of income. Why can't we seem to get these things outlawed like they have in other states??

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