Thursday, July 26, 2012

MetroParks levy - I told you so

When the MetroParks put a levy request to voter so they could acquire additional land, I cautioned that land acquisition would come with future costs for maintenance and/or development. Yesterday the MetroParks board voted to put a .9 mill, 10-year levy on the ballot to, in part, develop new park areas.

I told you so!

This new levy is to replace their .3 mill levy - so they're asking for THREE TIMES what they're already getting. This is in addition to their 1.4 mill levy that was approved in 2007.

One of the claims made in the decision to ask for even more money is that their levy isn't collecting as much money as it once did due to decreased property values. Welcome to the real world!

How many Lucas County residents aren't getting paid as much as they once were? How many have seen their costs increase without a corresponding increase in income? How many don't have a job???

Here's an idea - CUT BACK!!!

In 2007 when their last levy was on the ballot, they were complaining about decreased property values and I suggested that maybe they stop purchasing land and - instead - save some of that money to either develop the land they already had or reserve it for future maintenance on the newly purchased land.

They didn't do either of those things. They spent all the money they had with the only plan for future development of the additional land being to get more money from the taxpayers. It was clear that their current income wouldn't cover development and was just able to cover maintenance on what they had.

But voters 'love' the MetroParks and they'll *always* support such a 'good cause' so why be frugal in light of pending recession, decreased population and reduced property values?

So now we have a 7th levy on the ballot - and for three times more than what they already collect.

Talk about levy fatigue...

Just remember - all of you who want to 'support' the MetroParks by forcing your friends and neighbors to do so as well: you may be able to 'afford' this increase, but others may not. Are you really going to vote to raise taxes on your neighbor who is unemployed, behind on his mortgage and already enrolled in the food stamp program just to feed his kids?

As the President says, 'we're all in this together.'


James said...

Buying more land sounds like "empire building". Doesn't the Metroparks have enough? They sound greedy.

skeeter1107 said...

I didn't know the parks were so overcrowded that we needed additional parks.

Doesn't it seem counter intuitive to expand when the area's population is either stable or declining?

Maggie said...

James - agreed!

Skeeter - don't you know that logic and common sense have no place in the quest for 'more money'???

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