Friday, July 13, 2012

Ohio Watchdog round-up: salt, drug drop boxes, hapless rubes and more

In case you missed them, here are some quick links to interesting stories on Ohio Watchdog:

Seniors can have their salt and eat it, too - Proposed state rules would have prevented senior centers and organizations like Meals on Wheels from providing salt with their meals. Cooler heads have prevailed and now they're not banned from providing salt, though they cannot purchase salt with federal funds. Seniors can still bring their own salt and use it as they wish. But is salt the enemy government claims?

Health Department to use drop boxes to disposed of unused prescriptions - apparently you just don't know what to do with prescription medicine that you don't use. Who knew? But government has come to the rescue, funding drop boxes in southern Ohio law enforcement agencies. Guess those of us in northern Ohio are not so needy.

Furthering justice or furthering politics? It might be legal, but you won't think it's right when you learn how county sheriffs and prosecutors spend their Furtherance of Justice funds. Think about it - should your tax dollars be used to send flowers on behalf of the prosecutor to an employee who had a baby? What kind of warped thinking does it take for any prosecutor to think this is a proper use of public funds - rather than their own?!?

We're just hapless rubes - footing the bill to prevent competition for special interests (corporate, union, non-profits).

There are a lot of good articles and commentary at Ohio Watchdog - including information you won't find elsewhere. Hope you make it a daily read!

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