Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chuck Schumer: limit the First Amendment

"I believe there ought to be limits because the First Amendment is not absolute. No amendment is absolute. You can’t scream ‘fire’ falsely in a crowded theater. We have libel laws. We have anti-pornography laws. All of those are limits on the First Amendment. Well, what could be more important than the wellspring of our democracy? And certain limits on First Amendment rights that if left unfettered, destroy the equality — any semblance of equality in our democracy — of course would be allowed by the Constitution.

"And the new theorists on the Supreme Court who don’t believe that, I am not sure where their motivation comes from, but they are just so wrong. They are just so wrong
." ~ Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on the DISCLOSE Act

I wish he would tell me how the exercise of freedom of speech could possible "destroy the equality - any semblance of equality in our democracy..."

Apparently that whole "Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech," is "more what you'd call 'guidelines' than actual rules."

First, we're a Republic - and a limited-government one at that.

Our rights are God-given - they do not spring from the government. Our Constitution limits what the Federal government can do, leaving all other matters to the states or the people, which is why we have state and local laws on yelling fire or libel or pornography - or any number of things like red-light cameras and breaking-and-entering.

His complete and total lack of understanding of the Constitution he swore to uphold is appalling.

Or maybe he understands it completely and just doesn't care, or thinks we no longer care.

Or maybe he doesn't have a clue and thinks he can get away with saying whatever he wants because he'll continue to get elected by people who also have no clue.

Or - better yet - this is just an incumbent protection act, rather than a First Amendment issue.

Between this, which is by far not the only time our federal elected officials have so blatantly twisted the meaning, intent and clear language of the Constitution, and our local Toledo city council which voted to spend unbudgeted funds while telling us we need to pass a levy because they don't have enough money, I may run out of duct tape to hold my head together.

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